Peter Zummo
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Peter Zummo (1948) is a trombonist who has explored ensemble music at the border between classical chamber music and free-jazz. His first album was Zummo With An X (august 1981 - Loris, 1985 - New World, 2006), in a trio with Arthur Russell on cello and Bill Ruyle on tabla, highlighted by the two lengthy minimalist suites Instruments (1980) for duo, trio and quartet and Lateral Pass (1985). Zummo With An X... Plus! (New World, 2012) adds a performance of Song IV (1985) from the Suite Six Songs.

The six movements of Experimenting with Household Chemicals (XI, 1995), composed between 1987 and 1992 and featuring Jon Gibson on saxophones, Joseph Kubera on keyboards and Arthur Russell on amplified cello, display a deviant intelligence as well as a sense of humour. Zummo's pretext is to explores a new melodic technique at the trombone, something he does best in the 17-minute Includes Free Information (which runs the gamut from a bizarre solo to a collective fanfare back to a spirited solo, but Fresh Batteries, Rocket Scientist (9:45) and the delicate In Three Movements (9:54) are mainly about timbric and dynamic counterpoint, an art of subtle, frugal, timid exchanges between musicians that sound chaotic at first but reveal a hidden logic upon repeated listening. The 14-minute Sung Played Heard actually emphasizes tempos via a grotesque use of percussions.
Peaceful Transportation (10:50) is an almost psychedelic drone that floats lifeless in vast seas of silence.

Slybersonic Tromosome (Penumbria, 2000) was a collaboration with digital soundsculptor Tom Hamilton.

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