Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous of 11 April 2018

Exploring the Frontiers of Knowledge and Imagination, Fostering Interdisciplinary Networking
UC Berkeley, 11 April 2018
Soda Hall (corner of Hearst and LeRoy), Room TBA
NOTE: Use the WEST-entrance of SODA Hall entering from Etcheverry Plaza.
Chaired by Piero Scaruffi

The LASERs are a national program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience. See the program for the whole series. The event is free and open to everybody. Email me if you want to be added to the mailing list for the LASERs. Like previous evenings, the agenda includes some presentations of art/science projects, news from the audience, and time for casual socializing/networking. This event is kindly sponsored by the Minerva Foundation.
Where: UC Berkeley
Soda Hall, Room TBA
NOTE: Use the WEST-entrance of SODA Hall entering from Etcheverry Plaza.
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Program (the order of the speakers might change):
  • 7:00-7:25: Liat Berdugo (Media Artist) on "Technologies of Power, Access, and Freedom" We live in a world saturated with glowing rectangles... Read more
  • 7:25-7:50: Ronald Zuckermann (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) on "A new Theory of Life" Abstract forthcoming... Read more
  • 7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the break, anyone in the audience currently working within the intersections of art and science will have 30 seconds to share their work. Please present your work as a teaser so that those who are interested can seek you out during social time following the event.
  • 8:10-8:35: Kristina Dutton (Media Artist) on "A Musician Contemplates Gesture and Silence" How we derive meaning from sound and gesture... Read more
  • 8:35-9:00: Hana Mori Bottger (USF Architecture) on "At the Intersection of Beauty and Strength: Earthen Structures that Survive Earthquakes" An overview of the variety of earth-composite structures throughout the world Read more
  • Discussions, networking You can mingle with the speakers and the audience

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    • Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator who studied mathematics and philosophy at Brown University, and design at Rhode Island School of Design. Berdugo has been exhibited in galleries and festivals nationally and internationally, and her book, The Everyday Maths, was published by Anomalous Press in 2013. She is the net art and special programs curator for Print Screen, Israel's international festival of digital art; co-founder and curator of the Bay Area's Living Room Light Exchange, a monthly new media art salon; co-founder and curator of World Wide West, an annual summit, exhibit, and performative new media event, among others. She collaborates widely with individuals and archives. Her work has won several awards, including fellowships at the Hambidge Center, the Vermont Studio center, and a year-long residency in Tel Aviv, Israel, through the Dorot Foundation. Current research projects include a series of works that interrogate citizen video archives in zones of conflict. Specifically, Berdugo has been researching citizen surveillance and counter-surveillance in Israel/Palestine, and writing a series of essays on the politics of visibility in amateur videography. More at liatberdugo.com.
    • Hana Mori Bottger is Assistant Professor in the Architecture and Community Design program at USF. She teaches physics, design, structural analysis and construction materials courses for architecture students, and has created the Architectural Engineering Minor program. Hana's research interests involve low-cost structural engineering techniques for earthen structures, such as the use of reinforcement to allow energy dissipation and inherent warning mechanisms during seismic activity.
    • Kristina Dutton (Media Artist) is a violinist, composer, and educator. Dutton works in a wide range of musical settings, moving freely between improvisation, new music, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Dutton began her musical studies on piano and violin at the age of three. Conservatory trained, she has performed on more than 30 albums of various genres, appeared with numerous orchestras, and a handful of internationally acclaimed rock groups. Her music has been featured on international labels ranging from pop to new music, experimental to indie. In recent years her interest has focused on composition inspired by science, the natural world, and visual works. Most recently she travelled to Iceland with producer Jason K Cupp to create a series of violin and vocal field recordings in various dome shaped settings including caves, a sound sculpture, and the Reykjavik Art Museum Dome. Her current work includes collaborative projects with geneticist Dr. Arnaud Martin of George Washington University, and the Sonya Rapaport Legacy Trust on a musical reimagining of the famed Bay Area artist's visual oeuvre. Recent film works include the UC Berkeley Integrative Biology Lab's short on the life stages of cephalopods showing at the Imagine Science Film Festival, and artist/filmmaker Kim Anno's upcoming trailer and feature-length film, 90 Miles from Paradise.
    • Piero Scaruffi is a cultural historian who has lectured in three continents and published several books on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, the latest one being "The Nature of Consciousness" (2006). He pioneered Internet applications in the early 1980s and the use of the World-Wide Web for cultural purposes in the mid 1990s. His poetry has been awarded several national prizes in Italy and the USA. His latest book of poems and meditations is "Synthesis" (2009). As a music historian, he has published ten books, the latest ones being "A History of Rock and Dance Music" (2009) and "A History of Jazz Music" (2007). His latest book of history is "A History of Silicon Valley" (2011). The first volume of his free ebook "A Visual History of the Visual Arts" appeared in 2012. His latest book is "Intelligence is not Artificial" (2013). He has also written extensively about cinema and literature. He founded the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) in 2008 and the Life Art Science Tech (LAST) festival in 2014. Since 2015 he has been commuting between California and China, where several of his books have been translated.

    Extended abstracts:

    Abstract forthcoming

    Buildings made of earth have existed for thousands of years, and have been a durable, inexpensive and beautiful option for many cultures. Many examples of ancient and modern earthen constructions exist in locations as diverse as Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa, and North, Central and South Americas. However, many of these locations also share a common natural foe - earthquakes - which have a devastating consequence on earthen materials and their occupants. Can anything be done to mitigate the damage and loss of life? This talk gives an overview of the variety of adobe, cob and other earth-composite structures throughout the world, and the nature of their weakness against earthquake forces. Simple and low-cost techniques are presented which seem to dramatically improve the behavior of these materials and the chances for better life-safety for their inhabitants, without negatively affecting their architectural expression. An approach to "appropriate technologies" which works with the natural strengths and tendencies of the material, rather than brute reinforcement, is proposed.

    This talk focuses on concepts of listening and movement. Dutton will explore some of the ways we derive meaning from sound and gesture, and what it can teach us about intuitive processes.

    We live in a world saturated with glowing rectangles: smartphones, especially, have become technological appendages to bodies, allowing software and hardware alike to become part of a daily habitus. This talk uses smartphones as through line in media art and design practice to conceptually interrogate technologies of power, access, and freedom. In this talk, Berdugo works from the technological, but more so from the logos of the tehkneÄ: from an artistic point of view that survey the ground which exists - often absurdly - between what the digital world promises and what it delivers.

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