Intelligence is not Artificial (2015)

Why the Singularity is not Coming any Time Soon
And Other Meditations on the Post-Human Condition
and the Future of Intelligence

by piero scaruffi

"Intelligence is not Artificial" (2016) is a new, revised and expanded edition of the book originally titled
"Demystifying Machine Intelligence" (2013).
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Table of Contents of "Intelligence is not Artificial"
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  1. What this Book is about
  2. Sociological Background
  3. A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 1
  4. Footnotes in the History of Artificial Intelligence
  5. More Footnotes: Machine Learning and Common Sense
  6. A Premise to the History of Artificial Intelligence
  7. Brain Simulation and Intelligence
  8. The Body
  9. Intermezzo: We may Overestimate Brains
  10. Childhood
  11. Deep Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2
  12. The Robots are Coming - A Brief History of A.I./ Part 3
  13. Intermezzo: Will Robots be Conscious?
  14. Brute-force A.I.
  15. Brute-force A.I. doesn't Speak
  16. Ca you hear me?
  17. A Failed Experiment
  18. An Easy Science
  19. Intermezzo and Trivia: the Original App
  20. Don't be Fooled by the Robot
  21. The Curse of Large Datasets
  22. A Consumer's Rant Against the Stupidity of Machines: Reverting Evolution?
  23. The Singularity as the Outcome of Exponential Progress
  24. A Look at the Evidence: A Comparative History of Accelerating Progress
  25. Intermezzo: Why Futurists Always Get it Wrong
  26. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 1: What Destroys Jobs
  27. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 2: What Creates Jobs
  28. Jobs in the Age of the Robot- Part 3: The Sharing Economy
  29. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 4: The Maid Principle
  30. Marketing and Fashion
  31. Recap
  32. Why we need A.I. or The Robots are Coming- Part 2: The Near Future of A.I. or Don't be Afraid of the Machine
  33. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 5: The Jobs we Need
  34. Origins of Singularity Thinking
  35. The Case for Superhuman Intelligence. and against it
  36. What is the Opposite of the Singularity?
  37. Intermezzo: The Attention Span
  38. Cognitive Intermezzo: The Origin of Human Intelligence (or of Machine Intelligence?)
  39. Anthropological Intermezzo: You Are a Gadget
  40. Existential Intermezzo: You Are an Ad
  41. Semantics
  42. Non-human Intelligence is Already Here
  43. The Consciousness of Super-human Intelligence
  44. The Intelligence of Super-human Intelligence
  45. Intelligent Behavior in Structured Environments
  46. Intermezzo: Will Intelligent Machines Return to Chaotic Environments?
  47. Another Intermezzo: Disorder is Evolution, Order is Stagnation
  48. Human Obsolescence
  49. In Defense of Progress: Augmented Intelligence
  50. General-purpose Intelligence
  51. The Proliferation of Appliances, Intelligent and not
  52. Intermezzo: The Resurrection of the Dead
  53. Demystifying the Turing Test
  54. Common Sense
  55. We actually don't Think
  56. Mind Uploading and Digital Immortality
  57. Machine Immortality and the Cloud
  58. Corollary: Digital Media Immortality
  59. Ethical Intermezzo: The Moral Consequences of Human Immortality
  60. Philosophical Intermezzo: Do We Really Want Intelligence at All?
  61. Religion and the Law of Accelerated Exaggeration
  62. Analog vs Digital
  63. Analog Computation
  64. Teaser: Machine Ethics
  65. How not to Build an Artificial General Intelligence - Part 1: The Many-task Mind
  66. How not to Build an Artificial General Intelligence - Part II: Smart, not Deep, Learning
  67. The Timeframe of Artificial General Intelligence
  68. How NOT to Find a Breakthrough
  69. The Real Breakthrough: Synthetic Biology
  70. Humorous Intermezzo: Bayes and The End of the World
  71. The Future of Miniaturization: the Next big Breakthrough?
  72. The Real Future of Computing
  73. A Brief History of Bionic Humans, Cyborgs and Neuroengineering
  74. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Machine Stupidity
  75. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Scientific Socialism
  76. After Machine Inteligence: Machine Creativity - Can Machines do Art?
  77. The Moral Issue: Who's Responsible for a Machine's Action?
  78. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Machine Credibility
  79. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Speed Limits for Machines?
  80. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Criminalizing Common Sense
  81. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: You Are a Budget ##
  82. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Who will get there first?
  83. Dystopian Quartet 1. Andante: Lessons Learned from A.I.
  84. Dystopian Quartet 2.: Dystopian Quartet 2. Allegro Forte: We are Surrounded
  85. Dystopian Quartet 3.: Dystopian Quartet 3. A Cappella: We are being Programmed
  86. Dystopian Quartet 4. Adagio: Humanity without Humanity
  87. Transcendental Intermezzo: You are a Robot - The Demise of Free Will
  88. Transcendental Intermezzo Revised: You are a.?
  89. Why the Singularity is a Waste of Time and Why we Need A.I. - A Call to Action
  90. The Future of Human Creativity
  91. Why I an not Scared of A.I.
  92. A Conclusion: Religion in the Age of A.I.
  93. P.S. What i did not Say
  94. Appendix: The Dangers of Clouding - Wikipedia as a Force for Evil
  95. Appendix: The Myth of Longevity
  96. Appendix: The Medium is the Brain
  97. Appendix: The Era of Objects
  98. Appendix: I Ran Out of Space
  99. Readings on the Singularity
  100. Alphabetical Index
  101. A timeline of A.I.
  102. A timeline of Neuroscience
  103. Praise for "Intelligence is not Artificial"

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