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More You Becomes You , 6/10 (mini)
Fed (2002), 6/10
Bright Penny (2009), 5/10

Plush is basically Liam Hayes from Chicago. Plush's first single, Three Quarters Blind Eyes (Drag City, 1994), caused a sensation, thanks to grandiose and melodramatic melodies that evoked the Cardinals' orchestral pop.

Plush mysteriously disappeared for several years and, when he resurfaced with the single No Education (Drag City, 1998) and the mini-album More You Becomes You (Drag City, 1998), had become a shy entertainer specializing in piano-based ballads.

Hayes then proceeded to record an ambitious opus, Fed (After Hours, 2002) and a subset of it was released as Underfed (Drag City, 2005). The Van Dyke Parks-style orchestration and the brilliant melodies always shunned facile Brit-pop catchiness the way the intellectual singer-songwriters of the 1970s did (Greyhound Bus Station).

Bright Penny (Broken Horse, 2009) was a vastly inferior work.

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