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Floor, formed by former Cavity members (vocalist-guitarist Anthony Vialon and drummer Henry Wilson), were an influential Florida-based band. The eight-disc compilation Below and Beyond (Robotic Empire) summarizes the career of the bass-less grunge-pop band Floor, that, after the mediocre Floor (2002), concluded with Dove (No Idea, 2004), containing the 20-minute doom-fest Dove. Floor's latter-day guitarists Steve Brooks and Juan Montoya went on to form Torche, while Henry Wilson formed a trio, Dove, that debuted with Dove (2004).

Torche reinvented pop-metal or grunge or both for the generation that had been raised on doom-metal. They sounded like a super-heavy version of Nirvana on Torche (Robotic Empire, 2005) and especially Meanderthal (Hydra Head, 2008), packing catchy bubblegum melodies into bombshells of massive distorted riffs and seismic drumming (notably Across the Shields).

Torche packed eight songs in 22 minutes on the EP Songs For Singles (Hydra Head, 2010), the first without guitarist Juan Montoya, including some of their catchiest creations yet: UFO and Shine On My Old Ways. It also included a rare excess of noise, Out Again.

The non-doomy at all Harmonicraft (2012), featuring new guitarist Andrew Elstner, was not so much an attempt to diversify as, quite simply, a collection of a lower quality, with just enough songs (Letting Go, Kicking, Snakes Are Charmed) to justify the price of the disc.

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