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Visual Arts


Video: Patricia Alessandrini (Stanford) on "Artistic Research in Robotics from a (Cyber)Feminist Perspective"
Video: Rohini Devasher (Media Artist in India) on "Between Wonder and the Strange"
Help: I need help (no, not money)
Live lecture?: Anybody interested in a Zoom lecture on modern art?
Philosophy: Free Will is a General Property of the Universe
Philosophy: Smarter Parents Have Dumber Children
Many articles like "The Pro-Palestinian protests", "If China did it... The West loves India", "Migrants, Authoritarians and the Unspoken Truth", "Should Europe kick the USA out of NATO?", "The End of an Era - The G7 of Losers", "Germany after Merkel", "Putin and Xi, the Involuntary Couple", "Britain the Incurable Patient", "Traitors", "The Evils of Mass Tourism", "The European Elections", "European Spleen", "Israel is becoming an Enemy not an Ally", "Who is the real enemy of Israel?", "The Trump and Biden inflations", "How China Outsmarted the USA on Greentech", "An Analysis of Polarization in the USA", "What do these Russians have in common?", "Putin's rhetoric mirrors Hitler's",
Updated version of "A Visual History of the Visual Arts", with additions of Remedios Varo, Viktor Popkov, James Nachtwey, Maqbool Fida Husain, Alex Katz, Hanne Darboven, Bruno Catalano, Florian Yuriev, etc
Event: Virginia San Fratello on "3D Printing the Future/ Out of the Lab and Into the Landscape" (video)
Event: Shane Denson on "How is Human Embodiment Transformed in an Age of Algorithms?" (video)
Event: Fiorenza Micheli on "Harnessing the data revolution for ocean and human health" (video)
Cinema: Bios of Quentin Dupieux, Gabor Body, Yujiro Harumoto, Tenghiz Abuladze, Chan-wook Park, Bertrand Bonello, Agnieszka Holland...
Event: Sara Morawetz at Piero's LASER (video)
Rock: Spotify playlists for my History of Rock Music - the 1990s
Philosophy: Is Consciousness Conserved and Is there Life After Death?
Politics: The First Nuclear War
Politics: Europe's mess vs US mess
Cinema: A History of Turkish Cinema
Cinema: A History of Greek Cinema
Politics: Why Poland should Worry
Event: Video of "An Interdisciplinary Celebration of Kafka"
Music: Reviews of Christine and the Queens, Petra Hermanova, Jacob Collier, Sault, Oren Ambarchi, El Marrano de la Razon, Behold the Arctopus, Blackie, Wednesday, Caroline Polachek, Lil Yachty, Celestaphone, Acloudyskye, Stella Research Committee, etc
Rock: Russian translation of my History of Rock Music and History of Pop Music (in progress - huge pdf file)
Cinema: A History of Yugoslav Cinema
Cinema: A History of Romanian Cinema
Politics: Netanyahu's War - Part II - The Genocide
Politics: Trump vs Biden
2023 lists : The year 2023 in review: deaths, heroes, books, albums, films
Music: Album reviews 2023
Cinema: A History of Hungarian Cinema
Art: Chiharu Shiota
Cinema: A History of Polish Cinema
Art: Shenzhen Museum of Art
Event: Videos of the special event on Russia's alternative media art: Intro & Nina Czegledy , Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova , Natalia Kolodzei, Olga Shishko, Discussion
Art: Viktor Popkov
Music: Recording dates of all top-rated albums
Art: Remedios Varo
Cinema: A History of Czech and Slovak Cinema
Politics: Netanyahu's War
New book: Dialogue of the Lovers - A Poem in 105 Cantos
Cinema: Best films of 2023 so far
Cinema: A History of Russian Cinema 1900-99
A.I.: Michal Kosinski (Stanford Univ) on "Theory of Mind Might Have Spontaneously Emerged in Large Language Models"
Bioart: Amy Karle on "Digital Dreams and Bio-realities: Reimagining Humanity Through Art and Technology" at a Stanford LASER chaired by Piero Scaruffi
Neuroscience: Eti Ben Simon (UC Berkeley) on "The Emotional Brain in a Sleepless World"
Cinema: A History of Indian Cinema 1900-80
New book: A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 1: The 20th Century (2023 Update) (Amazon, 2023)
New book: A History of Silicon Valley - Vol 2: The 21st Century (2023 Update) (Amazon, 2023)
Cinema: Best films by country
Computers: To Disable all ads on Windows 11
Rock: Spotify playlists for the last five years - (2018), (2019), (2020), (2021), (2022) (thanks Nick)
Politics: Ukraine between Russia and China: Thoughts on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine - Part III
Video: Ukraine between Russia and China
Politics: Biden never won
Politics: Trump 2024
Interviewed: Interviewed by Gerry Fialka
Politics: Immigration is the biggest threat to Western democracies
Politics: Why Stormy Daniels matters
Politics: John Mearsheimer is wrong on Ukraine
Event: Ravi Majeti on "Stem Cells and Reprogramming in Human Acute Leukemia", Thomas Haakenson on "Kurt Schwitters and Dada Resistance", David Stork on "Computer-assisted analysis of Johannes Vermeer", Paige Emery on "On Divinatory Ecologies for More-Than-Human Time"
Computer Science: ChatGPT in Context. Part 1 - The Transformer, A Revolution in Computation (video)
Computer Science: ChatGPT in Context. Part 2 - Social Impact (video)
Computer Science: ChatGPT in Context. Part 3 - Philosophy (video)
Politics: The Saudi-Iranian Axis - Netanyahu and Biden humiliated
Interviewed: I was interviewed on ChatGPt and Silicon Valley
Politics: Why banning TikTok is a bad idea
Computer Science: Video: my version of the history of computers in 20 minutes
Politics: Putin's Radicalization and the Russian Jihad
Event: Videos of Jennifer Dionne (Stanford Univ) on "Silicon photonics", Alice Zhang (Media Artist) on "The Need for Intergenerational Tech" and Adegboyega Mabogunje (Stanford Univ) on "Children, Women, Sex and Bombs"
Politics: Britain should quickly rejoin the EU and adopt the euro
Philosophy: Expanded: "Fake News is the Hallmark of Human Civilization" (revised)
New book: My History of Rock & Dance Vol 2 in Spanish
New book: My History of Rock & Dance Vol 1 in Spanish
Event: Conversation with Annie Kritcher (Lawrence Livermore Lab) on the state of nuclear fusion (video)
Event: Conversation with Primavera De Filippi (National Center of Scientific Research, Paris) on "Do blockchains dream of electronic flowers?" (video)
2022 lists : The year 2022 in review: deaths, heroes, books, albums, films
Neuroscience: Neuroscience news of 2022
Cinema stills: Jerzy Skolimowski
Video: A Political Tour of the World
Video: When A.I. makes it, is it still Art?
Politics: A Political Tour of the World
Music : Updated the overall index of rock, jazz, avantgarde: 9,600 musicians
Book Reviews: Several books on cognitive science
Music: New album reviews
Tributes: Great minds we lost in 2022
Rock Music: Playlist for Cpt 5 of my history of rock
Politics: Who's paying for the Western sanctions on Russia?
Philosophy: Life eats Life
Philosophy: All Men are Rapists
Philosophy: The Self does not Exist, Free Will does
Philosophy: Religion is Immortal
Philosophy: The Real "I" is not the Soul but the Deeds and it's Immortal
Music: Gustavo Necochea collected all the songs from "Songs" and "Extended Tracks" for the Best of 1990 to 2021 in: this playlist and this playlist.
Book Reviews: Max Tegmark's "Life 3.0"
Philosophy: Equations approximate Algorithms
Literature: My conversation with Marjorie Perloff on TS Eliot's "The Waste Land"
Book Reviews: "To Be a Machine" (2017), "The Discrete Charm of the Machine" (2019), "The Voices Within" (2016), "Life Changing" (2020), "A Brief History of Death" (2014)
Politics: The Supreme Court is on track to become the LEAST trusted institution in the USA
Video: Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci on the lab origin of covid
Classical Music: Revised the chapters for a book on 20th century music
Cinema stills: Aki Kaurismaki
Cinema stills: Luchino Visconti
Literature : My conversation with Sarah Cole about James Joyce's Ulysses
Cinema stills: Akira Kurosawa
Politics: Not "if" but "When and Where" - Guns in the USA Part 653
Politics: Thoughts on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine - Part II
History: Revised: Videos of my old class "A History of Knowledge"
History: Revised: "A New History of Prehistory"
Literature : James Joyce
Book reviews : Phelps' "Mass Flourishing" (2013), Mishra's "Age of Anger" (2017), Bacevich's "The Age of Illusions" (2020) and Ansary's "The Invention of Yesterday" (2019)
Politics: Putin's invasions (also a video interview)
Culture: Conversation with Ewa Domanska on "Prefigurative Art in the Age of Catastrophe"
Cinema stills: Jean Cocteau
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Russia (worth reading again: i published it a few months ago)
Book review: David Sanger's "The Perfect Weapon" (2018)
Politics: Tucker Carlson and the Fifth Column
Politics: China Cracks down on Big Giants but Raises Little Giants
Politics: China's Debt
Politics: The Real Victim of Islam: Islamic Civilization
Cinema stills: Dusan Makavejev
Rock Music: Playlist for Cpt 4 of my history of rock
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Italy
Politics: Nations in crisis: Britain
Politics: Nations in crisis: France
Politics: The USA never was a Democracy
Politics: The US Slide towards One-party Rule
Politics: Trump & the Shitholes
Politics: Politically Incorrect Facts about the Covid Pandemic
Politics: What if there is a Secret Russia-China Pact?
Politics: The Anti-nuclear Movement is Putin's Secret Weapon against Europe
Politics: The New Byzantium: The European Union
Politics: Europe's Many Crises
Technology & Philosophy: Cyberspace as Migration and Dematerialization
Rock Music: Another playlist for the history of rock
Technology & Philosophy: A Critique of Immersion
Technology & Philosophy: Postmodernism, Cybertime, Utopia
Cinema stills: Oliver Stone
Technology & Philosophy: Death of the Author and of the Reader
Politics: Both Republicans and Democrats don't Understand that Trump is a Loser
Who covered up the origins of covid, China or Trump?
Ten (Politically Incorrect) Things you can do about your Carbon Footprint
Rock Music: Album reviews: La Novia, Land of Kush, Moor Mother, Madlib, Lingua Ignota, Morissette, Phair, etc
Ecology: Will the human race succumb to overpopulation?
Technology: A Crypto-history of DAOs
Politics: China and the world according to China's intellectuals.
Culture: Videos of recent LAST dialogues: Anastasia Raina on "Posthuman Polymythology", Warren Sack on "The Software Arts" Cindy Cohn on "Imagining A Future with Real Digital Privacy", Elizabeth Currid-Halkett on "Inconspicuous Consumption and Cultural Capital: the New Inequality", Alvy Ray Smith on "A Biography of the Pixel", David Kirby on Diegetic Prototypes, Alysson Muotri on Applications of Brain Organoids, Catherine Blish on Covid-19 and the Virusphere, Heather Barnett on "Compostulations: stories of interspecies encounters " , Clare Stanton on "Linkrot and Content Drift: The Irreversible Decay of Internet Content" , etc
Technology: A Crypto-history of Blockchain Technology
Society: Craigslist Killed the Local Newspaper... and Civility
Technology: The Metaverse
Art: My introduction to Leonardo DaVinci (video)
Technology: Virtual and Augmented Reality
Science: The Genetic Origins of Human Intelligence
Rock Music: Playlists for the history of rock
Science: The biggest neuroscience news of 2020
Technology: An introduction to Web 3.0
Art: A Visual History of Modern Architecture (downloadable pdf)
Politics: Was is Worth it? The Bush/Rice Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 20 Years Later
Politics: Added several topics to my article on China (look for "2021 additions")
Cinema stills: Jan Svankmajer
Previous projects: click here

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