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A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 3: The Age of Globalization
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Politics: REVISED & IMPROVED Covid-19: How it may change the World
Politics: A timeline of Covid-19
Politics: The Clown & the Virus - Part 2
Politics: The Bizarre Adventures of the Surgical Mask
Politics: The Clown & the Virus
Cinema stills: Chan-wook Park
Science: My A.I. talk in Honolulu, Jan 2020
Politics: Updated: The Trump Presidency in Pictures
Music: From Wonky to Future Bass
Cinema stills: Hsiao-hsien Hou
Rock: Reviews: Sadaf, Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe, 75 Dollar Bill, Deerhunter, Deafheaven, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, Jim O'Rourke, Swans, Bent Knee, Portal, Soap And Skin, Sutekh Hexen, Holly Herndon, etc
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell - Part 3
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell - Part 2
Rock: Best live albums
Politics: Man of the Decade: Vladimir Putin
Rock: Tim Buckley
Rock: Reviews of rock music
Rock: Vintage photos of Cpt Beefheart
Rock: The greatest guitar solos of rock music
Poetry: Melvin Tolson's 100-page poem "Harlem Gallery"
Politics: The Fascist Coup in the USA
Philosophy: Nature Never Repeats Itself
Politics: You can't prove Trump guilty anymore
Poetry: Jean Garrigue's 11-page poem "Pays Perdu"
Politics: Armed and Dangerous
Divorce if you want to rule a major country
Art: Mark Ryden
Philosophy: Speaking Gave us a Symbolic Mind
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell
Art: Robert Williams
Philosophy: The Symbolic Life
Art: Alexa Meade
Philosophy: We Believe in Gods because otherwise we wouldn't be
Science: Updated the timeline of A.I. to 2019 (You can also download it in pdf format)
Music: Reviews of rock albums
Music: A History of Chillwave and Vaporwave
Why I am Opposed to Impeaching Trump
Bombing Saudi Arabia: an Act of War or a Moral Duty?
Politics: Time to Recognize a Kurdish State
Politics: Doom and Gloom in Hong Kong
Music: History of Trap Music
Music: History of Reggaeton
Jazz: Ratings for Peter Evans, Gil Evans, Bill Evans, Kevin Drumm, Dave Douglas, Bill Dixon, Al DiMeola, Jack DeJohnette, Werner Dafeldecker, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrille, Marilyn Crispell, Stanley Cowell, Larry Coryell, Rob Mazurek, Andrea Centazzo, John Butcher, Max Roach, Tina Brooks, etc (just search the website for "Krentz ratings")
Me: Interviewed in Silicon Valley on A.I. (Silicon Valley Podcast)
New book: New edition of the History of Silicon Valley: volume 1 and volume 2
Cognitive Science: Revised/improved the news of 2018
Politics: Europe never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity
Politics: The Great Trump Recession
Politics: How a Madman with a Low I.Q. Engineered Yet Another Nuclear Crisis
Cinema stills: Joseph Losey
Politics: How to Tax Gullible US Taxpayers
Politics: What is wrong with White Christian Men?
Jazz: Ratings for Mingus, Coltrane, Davis, Coleman, Sanders, Taylor, Sun Ra, Ayler, Cherry, etc (just search the website for "Krentz ratings")
Presentation: Piero Scaruffi on "The Two Cultures in the age of A.I." at Univ of San Francisco (video)
Cinema stills: Blake Edwards
Cinema stills: Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Presentation: "The Humanities in the Age of A.I."
Event: Speaking at Stanford
Politics: Where's Europe?
New book: "Peace Technology"
Magazine: LAST magazine - Issue #2
Philosophy: Best Philosophy books of the last century
Architecture: Ieoh Ming Pei
Politics: China and USA: The Decoupling
Art: Sculpture of the 21st century
Politics: The Anti-Trump Party is not a Liberal Party
Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley is a generator of virtual clusters
Philosophy: Where are they? They will destroy us
Jazz: Rated all the albums in my jazz lists starting with the 1950s
Art: Photography and Photomontage in the early 20th century
Society: Car Apocalypse
Politics: Calexit: Should California Declare Independence?
Art: Destroyed Monuments
Politics: Brexit's Lesson to the (Young) Voters of the World
Art/science: The L.A.S.T. magazine
Politics: What North Korea really wants
Music: New page on the greatest performers of all times
Politics: Sinophobia: China viewed from the USA and... the USA viewed from China
Music: Some favorite compositions of the last decades
Politics: My Reaction to the Summary of the Mueller Report
Politics: The Effects of the Trump Trade War on China: Waking up the Giant
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter " Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (The Birth of Robots) "
Politics: China's Anniversaries and how the Tiannamen Square massacre shaped today's China
Politics: Why the World Listens to Russia
Art: Hilma af Klint
Politics: Does China steal?
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter "The Connectionists"
Literature: Best novels of the last 25 years
History: Most famous videos of the last 100 years
Art: Henrique Oliveira
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter " The Robots are Coming - A Brief History of A.I./ Part 9 "
A.I.: Updated the chapter on neural networks titled "Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2"
Politics: Do not Wake up the Sleeping Dwarf
Politics: The Decline of US Influence or How to Outsmart the USA and Make it Weak Again
A.I.: Updated the chapter on NLP titled "Understanding this Book (or any Book)"
A.I.: Updated the chapter on neural networks titled "Bayes Reborn"
Art: Anish Kapoor
Philosophy: Expanded: "Fake News is the Hallmark of Human Civilization"
Philosophy: Where are they? They self-destroy like us
Technology: Free download of my "Timeline of Androids and Automata"
New book: New edition of "Intelligence is not Artificial"
Me: Interviewed in San Francisco on A.I., Silicon Valley, Rock Music, etc
Technology: A Timeline of Androids and Automata
Talks: Lots of new art/science/tech videos
Book review: Yuval Harari's "21 Lessons for the 21st Century"
Travel: India: Chronology of the main monuments
Politics: Updated chronology of the Trump-Russia story
The Year in Review (fixed the bug!): Best films, jazz, classical, etc
Cinema: David Lynch tribute
Music: New music reviews
Cinema: John Carpenter rated filmography
Cinema: Edward Yang rated filmography
Cinema: David Fincher rated filmography
Cinema: Ridley Scott rated filmography
Cinema: Steven Soderbergh rated filmography
Technology: The Future of Machine Learning
Cinema: Jean Renoir rated filmography
Cinema: Steven Spielberg rated filmography
Cinema: James Cameron rated filmography
Technology: Modern computational methods for text comprehension
Cinema: Bernardo Bertolucci rated filmography
Cinema: Clint Eastwood rated filmography
Technology: Misconceptions in discussing machine intelligence
Cinema: Woody Allen tribute
Technology: A brief history of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto
Philosophy: Smartphones Killed Revolutions
Comics: Spilhaus' "Our New Age"
Philosophy: The Life of Stories
Politics: Why You should Vote for the Democratic Party, even if you don't like it
Philosophy: The Origin of Abstract Thinking
Technology: My 10-day class on Blockchain (free pdf download)
Cinema: Martin Scorsese tribute
Philosophy: The World of Facts
Art: Updated: A History of Videogames (also Download in pdf format)
Politics: Why Trump Decided to Abandon the Nuclear Treaty with Russia
Philosophy: Brains Create Identical Objects
Politics: Germany Alone
Why Brains Love Disasters
Physics: The Fourth Dimension
Art: Boris Artzybasheff
Politics: So much for "automation kills jobs"
Book review: Kai-fu Lee's "AI Superpowers" (2018)
Politics: Why Trump Slapped Sanctions on China
Art: Mark Bradford
Politics: Why Kavanaugh should be Confirmed
Event: Ethics for the New Technologies
Ballet: History of the Ballet and Modern Dance
Politics: The world is laughing at Trump the way it laughed at Mussolini in the 1920s
Book review: Ian Morris' War! What is it Good for?
Art: Romare Bearden
Politics: The Evangelicals are a Satanic Cult
Art: Lina Iris Viktor
Philosophy: Of Being and not Being
Politics: How "America" Became Great
Art: Roberto Mamani
Philosophy: The Biggest Ecological Disaster: The Human Race
Philosophy: A Brief History of Human Violence
Politics: Why Dictators don't Quit
Art: Sanam Khatibi
Philosophy: Modern Medicine is not Humane
Art: Xiaogang Zhang
Philosophy: Fake News is a Consequence of Rationality
Art: Ramon Piaguaje
Philosophy: A Brief History of Peace
Art: Hayv Kahraman
Art & Music: Art and Music in the 1960s (expanded edition)
Politics: Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Imperialism
Travel: China: Chongqing
Philosophy: The Human Race is Genetically Programmed for Self-destruction
Politics: Malaysia and Chinese colonialism
Technology: Intelligence is not Accuracy
Philosophy: The Human Race is Genetically Programmed for Self-destruction
Politics: A Quick Tour of the World from the Middle East to India
Technology: Can Intelligence Arise from Silicon?
Event: The 5th LAST festival - March 2018 - A collage of installations, performances, talks and workshops
Cinema: Best 2018 films so far
Technology: Revised: A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence (2018 update)
Politics: What do Venezuela, Turkey and Britain have in common?
Philosophy: All the slides of my UC Berkeley class "A History of Knowledge"
Politics: Rapists and Murderers
Interview: L.A.S.E.R.s and A.I. (PCMag)
Politics: Beyond Dementia: how a Young Upstart took advantage of a Senile Moron
Politics: The Truth about Trump's Tariffs
Art: Thomas Bayrle
Politics: The New New New World Order
Art: Multimedia Art
Art: When A.I. makes it, is it still Art?
Rock: Updated history of rock music with recording dates (up to 1994)
Science: A Timeline of Neuroscience
Politics: Why Kill the Iran Deal Now
Politics: Israel never Misses an Opportunity to miss an Opportunity
Politics: Revised and updated: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation
Politics: The Forces that are Pulling Democracies Apart
Cinema: Robert Altman tribute
My new book : Intelligence is not Artificial - Expanded Edition
Book review: Lee Smolin's "Time Reborn"
Politics: How the USA spends your tax money
Politics: The Gaza Cage
Cinema: Revised list of best 2017 films
Politics: Is North Korea about to Dump China for the USA?
Politics: The #neveragain Movement Misses the Point
Politics: The Trump Wars
Politics: The Trump Scandals
Event: Speaking on Machine Creativity in Palo Alto
Event: The 5th L.A.S.T. Festival
Science: Brute-force A.I. doesn't Speak
Science and Sociology: The Network Age
Art: Frans Masereel
Science: Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2
Science: Reinforcement Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 4
Science: Convolutional Neural Networks - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 5
Science: Deep Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 6
Science: Deep Reinforcement Learning: A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 7
Science: From Recognizing to Creating: Generative Adversarial Networks (History/ Part 8)
Science: Artificial and Natural Neural Networks: The Myth of Backpropagation
Dynamic Routing and Capsule Networks
Science: The Truth about AlphaZero
Science: Variational Inference
Science: Hierarchical Bayesian Networks
Politics: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
Art: Victoria Ivanova
Science: A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 1
Science: A Brief History of Cognitive Science/ Part 1 (Note: There is no Part 2)
Science: A Brief History of Logical Reasoning
Science: The Year 2017 in A.I.
Science: Introduction to the new book on A.I.
History: Persecutions of the Jews
History: The Jews in the Christian World
Event: Speaking on A.I. at Xerox PARC
Art: Dino Valls
Book review: Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury"
Politics: One Year into the Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal
Presentation: Science, Tech and Art in Modern China (free download)
Plagiarist of the year: Narayan Lal Kachara plagiarized my essay "Quantum Consciousness" http://scaruffi.com/science/qc.html in his paper "Consciousness: Quantum and Jainsim"
Art: Meilin Han
Year-end lists: Best books, films, etc
Art: Tomas Sanchez
Travel: China: Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangzhou
Politics: What have Catalonia, Kurdistan, Chechnya and Tibet in common?
Travel: Kaifeng, Luoyang, Longmen
Art: Luoyang Museum
Science: A Timeline of Biotech
History: China's New Era (a History Lesson for Westerners) and a History Lesson on Prussia (for the Chinese)
"The Emotion Machine"
Politics: Updated: What's in "Vladimir" Trump's tax returns?
Technology: Designer Babies
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