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Most of these books can be found at my favorite bookstore (no affiliations, just a humble way to thank them for being one of the best art bookstores in the world): Moe's. Other stores that I recommend for art books include:
Interbook International
WebCrossings' Online Art Colony
A&Mbookstore - libreria italiana completamente dedicata all'arte contemporanea (E-mail)

(Abramovic, M.) Iles, Chrissie, ed. Marina Abramovic: objects peformance video sound. Museum of Modern Art Oxford / edition hansjorg mayer, 1995. Exhibition catalog.
(Abramovic, M.) Abramovic, Marina. Artist Body. Charta, 1998 . Large 4to. 480pp. Numerous images, mostly photos; some color.
(Albers, J.) Gomringer, Eugen. Josef Albers: son oeuvre et sa contribution a la figuration visuelle du XXe siecle. Dessain et Tolra: Paris, 1972 .
(Alechinsky, P.) Alechinsky, Pierre. Paintings and Writings. Alpine Fine Arts, 1982 . Introduction by Eugene Ionesco. 4to, 258 pp.
(Allston, W.) Richardson, Edgar P. Washington Allston: The Biography of a Pioneer of American Art. University of Chicago, 1948 . Includes a catalogue of works. Fine
(Alma-Tadema, L.) Prettejohn, Elizabeth, et al. Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Rizzoli, 1997
(Anguissola, S.) Perlingieri, Ilya Sandra. Sofonisba Anguissola: The First Great Woman Artist of the Re. Rizzoli, .
(Appel, K.) Kuspit, Donald. Karel Appel Sculpture: A Catalogue Raisonne. Abrams, 1994 .
(Appel, K.) Frankenstein, Alfred. Karel Appel. Abrams, 1980 . The major monograph on Appel.
(Aragon, L.) Aragon, Louis. Matisse, a novel. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972 . Two, with good illustrations. Translated by Jean Stewart.
(Archipenko, A.) Archipenko, Alexander. Archipenko. Ukrainske slowo: Berlin, 1923 . 16 pp. of text in German; 63 plates.
(Archipenko, A.) Wiese, Erich. Alexander Archipenko: Junge kunst band 40. Klinkhardt and Biermann: Leipzig, 1923 .
(Arcimboldo) Pieyre de Mandiargues, Andre. Arcimboldo the Marvellous. Abrams, 1978 . Large 4to. 128pp. Text and color images on black. Conception by Yasha David. English translation of "Arcimboldo le marveilleux."
(Ardon, M.) Vishny, Michele. Mordecai Ardon. Abrams, n.d. .
(Arman) Arman. Arman and l'art africain. Musees de Marseille, 1996 . exhibition catalog.
(Arman) Otmezguine, Jane, et Marc Moreau. Arman Estampes, Catalogue Raisonne. Marval, 1990 . Folio, 325 pp., 284 plates. French and English text.
(A Haskell, Barbara. Milton A
(A Hobbs, Robert; intro. by Hilton Kramer. Milton A 1990 . Large square 4to, 263 pp., 158 ills. (120 in color). New.
(Bailey, C.) Bailey, Colin B. Renoir's Portraits: Impression of an Age. Yale/National Gallery of Canada, 1997 .
(Baj, E.) Baudrillard, Jean. Transparence du Kitsch. Editons de la difference, 1990 . fine copy.
(Baj, E.) Baudirillard, Jean. Enrico Baj. Filipacchi, 1980 .
(Bakst, L.) Spencer, Charles. Leon Bakst. St. Martin's/Academy, 1973 . 4to, 248 pp., 32 color plates.
(Baldessari, J.) Van Bruggen, Coosje. John Baldessari. Rizzoli, 1990 . exhibition
(Balla, G.) Benzi, Fabio. La Collezione Biagiotti Cigna: Dipinti, Moda futurista, Arti applicate. Leonardo Arte: Milano, 1996 .
(Balla. G.) dell'Arco, Maurizio Fagiolo. Balla: The Futurist. Rizzoli, 1988 .
(Balthus) Rewald, Sabine. Balthus. Abrams, 1984 .
(Balthus) Leymarie, Jean. Balthus. Wiese Verlag / Kunstmuseum Bern, 1994
(Balthus) Klossowski de Rola, Stanislas. Balthus. Abrams, 1996 .
(Balthus) Roy, Claude. Balthus. Bullfinch, 1996 .
(Balthus) Leymarie, Jean. Balthus. Skira/Rizzoli, 1979 . jacket.
(Barnet, W.) Cole, Sylvan. Will Barnet: Etchings, Lithographs, woodcuts, seirgraphs 1932-1972. Associated American Artists Gallery, 1972 .
(Bartlett, J.) Goldwater, Marge, Roberta Smith, and Calvin Tomkins. Jennifer Bartlett. Abbeville, 1985 . The most comprehensive book on Bartlett.
(Bartlett, J.) Eisenberg, Deborah. Air: 24 Hours, Jennifer Bartlett. Abrams, 1994
(Baselitz, G.) Baselitz, Georg. Holzschnitt 1966-1989. Edition Cantz, 1989 . Exhibition catalog; slipcased (slight bump to corner).
(Baselitz, G.) Baselitz, Georg. Georg Baselitz. Fundacio Caixa de Pensions: Barcelona, 1990 . Profusely illustrated exhibition catalog, many color plates, no English text.
(Baselitz, G.) Waldman, Diane. Georg Baselitz. Guggenheim Museum, 1995 .
Waldman, D.: Georg Baselitz Cat.exh. Peggy Guggenheim Museum etc. Containing an extensive biographical account of the life and career of this German pain- ter and sculptor. With vivid illustrations in full colour. 1995, 4to,277 pp, 178
(Baskin, L.) Baskin, Leonard. Baskin: Sculpture, Drawings, Prints. Braziller, 1970 .
(Baskin, L.) Baskin, Leonard. Iconologia. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, .
Marshall, R.: JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Cataloque of the Whitney Museum on the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat. An introduction to the life and work of this painter followed by illustrations of his paintings. 1993, 4to,272 pp,ill,
(Baumann, G.) Krause, Martin F. et al. Gustave Baumann: Nearer to Art. Museum of New Mexico Press: Santa Fe, 1993 . With Madeline Carol Yurtseven and David Acton. Small 4to. 158pp. second printing.
(Baumann, G.) Acton, David. Hand of a Craftsman: The Woodcut Technique of Gustave Baumann. , (++++ . Small 4to. 136pp.
(Bayer, H.) Bach, Otto Karl, forward. Herbert Bayer, Book of Drawings. Paul Theobald, 1961 (portfolio). Portfolio, collated, 42 plates;
(Bazille, F.) Bajou, Valerie. Frederic Bazille, 1841-1870. Edisud, 1993 .
(Bearden, R.) Schwartzman, Myron. Romare Bearden: His Life and Art. Abrams, 1990 .
(Beardsley, A.) Blei, Franz. Zeichnungen / Drawings. Gerhardt Verlag: Berlin, 1966 . Intro essay by Franz Blei.
(Beardsley, A.) Reade, Brian. Aubrey Beardsley. Viking, 1967 . Folio, 372 pp,
(Beckmann, M.) Maur, Karin von. Max Beckmann: Meisterwerke 1907-1950. Verlag Gerd Hatje, 1994 .
SELZ, P.: MAX BECKMANN Max Beckmann-Modern Art.Born in Leipzig, Beckmann lived an inter- national live. Succesful almost from his earliest days as a pro- fessional artist.Chronology and col. ill. 1996, 4to, 128 pp, 114
MAUR.V. KARIN: MAX BECKMANN MEISTERWERKE Diese Publikation erschien anlsslich der Ausstellung " Max Beckmann. Meisterwerke aus Saint Louis", in der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Mit schne farbe. 1994, 4to, 240S,
(Beckmann, M.) Stehle-Akhtar, Barbara et al. Max Beckmann in Exile. Guggenheim Museum, 1996 . exhibition catalog.
(Beckmann, M.) Schultz-Hoffmann, Carla, and Judith C. Weiss, eds. Max Beckmann: Retrospective. St. Louis Art Museum/ Prestel, 1984 .
(Bedia, J.) Bettelheim, Judith et al. Cronicas Americanas Obras de Jose Bedia. MARC, 1997 . 4to, 178 pp., illustrated.
(Beerbohm, M.) Beerbohm, Max. A Survey by Max Beerbohm. William Heinemann: Lodon, 1921 . A delightful survey with nicely printed and tipped-in plates.
(Bellmer, H.) Grall, Alex, ed. Hans Bellmer. Academy Editions/St. Martin's Press, 1973 .
(Bellows, G.) Bellows, Emma S. George Bellows: His Lithographs. Knopf, 1928 . Rev.ed. 1928; Beer, Speicher, Curtis.
(Bellows, G.) Bellows, Emma S. The Paintings of George Bellows. Knopf, 1929 . 1202/2000; foreword by George Bellows.
(Bellows, G.) Young, Mahonri Sharp. The Paintings of George Bellows,. Watson-Guptill, 1973 .
(Bellows, G.) Mason, Lauris. The Lithographs of George Bellows. KTO Press, 1977 .
(Benton, T.) Fath, Creekmore. The Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton, new expanded edition. University of Texas, 1979 .
(Bernini, G.) Wittkower, Rudolf. Gian Lorenzo Bernini: The Sculptor of the Roman Baroque. Phaidon, 1966 . Second edition;
(Bernini, G.) Martinelli, Valentino. Bernini: Disegni. La Nuova Italia Firenze, 1981 .
(Bernini, G.) Norton, Richard. Bernini and Other Studies in the History of Art. Macmillan, 1914 . Numerous plates of sculptures, with tissue interleaves;
(Bernini, G.) A Large 4to; 288pp. Special photography by David Finn.
(Beuys, J.) Adriani, Gotz et al. Joseph Beuys. Dumont Buchverlag: Koln, 1994
(Beuys, J.) Beuys, Joseph. Drawings. V and AM, 1983 .
(Beuys, J.) Borer, Alain. The Essential Joseph Beuys. MIT Press, 1970 .
(Beuys, J.) Celant, Germano. Beuys, tracce in italia. Amelio editore, 1978 . 4to, 214 pp. Text in Italian.
(Beuys, J.) Temkin, Ann and Bernice Rose. Thinking is Form: The Drawings of J. Beuys. Philadelphia Museum of Art/Museum of Modern Art, 1993 . 4to, 279 pp., 172 b/w and color plates.
(Bingham, G.) Bloch, E. Maurice. George Caleb Bingham. The Evolution of an Artist. A catalogue raisonne. University of California, 1967 . 2 vols. jacket.
(Bingham, G.) Shapiro, Michael et al. George Caleb Bingham. Abrams, 1990 . Cloth trade version of the exhibition catalogue for the show George Caleb Bingham held at the St. Louis Art Museum in 1990.
(Blake, W.) Blake, William. America, A Prophecy. Trianon Press, 1963 . Number 290/526.
(Blake, W.) Lincoln, Andrew, editor. William Blake: Songs of Innocence and of Experience. The William Blake Trust / Princeton University Press, 1991 . Blake's Illuminated Books, volume 2 , general editor of series is David Bindman. 4to, 209 pp., 54 color plates and 12 color figures.
(Blake, W.) Essick, Robert N., and Joseph Viscomi, editors. William Blake, Milton a Poem, and the Final Illuminated Works: The Ghost of Abel, On Homers Poetry [and] On Virgil, Laocoon. The William Blake Trust/Princeton University Press, 1993 . Blake's Illuminated Books, Volume 5. General Editor David Bindman. 4to, 286 pp., all books reproduced in color.
(Blake, W.) Eaves, Morris, Robert N. Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, editors. William Blake, The Early Illuminated Books: All Religions are One, There is No Natural Religion, The Book of Thel, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Visions of the Daughters of Albion. The William Blake Trust / Princeton University Press, 1993 . Blake's Illuminated Books, Volume 3. General Editor David Bindman. 4to, 286 pp. Each of the books reproduced in color.
(Blake, W.) Keynes, Geoffrey. Study of the Illuminated Books of William Blake, Poet, Printer, Prophet. Orion Press, 1964 .
(Blake, W.) Worrall, David, Editor. William Blake, The Urizen Books: The First Book of Urizen, The Book of Ahania, The Book of Los. The William Blake Trust / Princeton University Press, 1995 . Blake's Illuminated Books, Volume 6. Gernal Editor, David Bindman. 4to, 231 pp., books reproduced in color.
(Blake, W.) Dorrbecker, D. W., editor. William Blake, The Continental Prophecies: America: a Prophecy; Europe: a Prophecy; The Song of Los. The William Blake Trust/ Princeton Universtiy Press, 1995 . Blake's Illuminated Books, Volume 4, David Bindman, General Editor. 4to, 367 pp., with facsimile reproductions of the books.
(Blake, W.) Paley, Motron D., Editor. William Blake, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion. The William Blake Trust/Princeton University Press, 1991 . Blake's Illuminated Books, Volume 1. General editor, David Bindman. 4to, 302 pp., 104 color plates.
(Blake, W.) Bindman, David. The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake. Putnam, 1978 .
(Blake, W.) Fundacion "la Caixa". William Blake: visiones de mundos eternos. Fundacion "la Caixa", 1996 .
(Blake, W.) Damon, S. Foster. A Blake Dictionary: The Ideas and Symbols of William Blake. Brown Universtiy, 1973 .
(Blake, W.) Damon, S. Foster. Blake's Grave, A Prophetic Book Being William Blake's \illustrations for Robert Blair's The Grave, arranged as Blake Directed. Brown University, 1963 .
(Blake, W.) Raine, Kathleen. Blake and Tradition 2 volumes. Princeton University Press, 1968 . Series XXXV-11.
(Blake, W.) Russell, Archibald G.B. The Engravings of William Blake. Houghton Mifflin, 1912 .
(Bloch, A.) Henry Adams, et al, ed. Albert Bloch: The American Blue Rider. Prestel, 1997 .
(Boltanski, C.) Bozo, Dominique, Bernard Blistene et al. Boltanski. Centre Georges Pompidou, 1984 .
(Boltanski, C.) Boltanski, Christian. Kaddish. Gina Kehayoff, 1998 . 4to. Unpaginated. Black and white photos on thin paper. exhibition catalog: "Dernieres annees" New.
(Bonheur, R) Ashton, Dore. Rosa Bonheur: A Life and a Legend. Viking, 1981 .
(Bonheur, R.) Farmer, J. David, et al. Rosa Bonheur: All Nature's Children. Dahesh Museum, 1998 . Square 8vo, 103 pp., 26 color plates, additional ills. New.
(Bonnard, P.) Bouvet, Francis. Bonnard: The Complete Graphic Work. Rizzoli, 1981 .
BOYMANS: BONNARD Museum Boymans, Rotterdam 1953. Beschrijving van leven en werken. Ant. 1953, 8vo, 32 blz, 30 afb,
FERMIGIER, A.: PIERRE BONNARD Interesting monograph about this Parisian painter, ill. with 41 full color plates and 61 bl/w ill. 1984, 4to, 126, 102
HEILBRUN, F.: PIERRE BONNARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND PAINTINGS More than 276 photographs and illustrations, including 16 in co- lour, many never published before, demonstrate the range of and genius of Bonnard's work, and offer insights into his process as an artists. (Collection Musee D'Orsay). 1987, 4to, 148 pp, 100
JOURDAIN, F.: PIERRE BONNARD Ou "Les Vertus de la Liberte". Petite monographie avec illustra- tions en couleur. Ant, 1946, 4to, 20 p, 15
NEGRI, R.: BONNARD UND DIE NABIS Diese Bnde der Galerie Schuler bringt die wesentlichen und wich- tigen Knstler der klassischen Moderne,mit Abbildungen,Kurzbio- graphien.Ein abgewogenes Bild de Knsler und ihrer Epochen. Ant, 1974, 4to, 98 S, 78 ,
BONNARD UND DIE NABIS. Dieses Bnde der Galerie Schuler bringt die wichtigen Knstler der klassischen Moderne.Mit einleitender Text,Kurzbiographien und vierfarbige Abbildungen. Ant, 1988, 4to, 98 S, 78 ,
TERRASSE, M.: BONNARD DU DESSIN AU TABLEAU Un livre bien illustre et avec beaucoup d'information de Bonnard. 1996, 4to, 298 p, r,
WATKINS, N.: BONNARD Definitive study of this highly influential colourist. The pain- tings, graphic work and sketches of this great master of twen- tieth century art are comprehensively reproduced and examined. 1994, 4to, 240 pp, 172
(Bonnard, P.) Watkins, Nicholas. Bonnard. Phaidon, 1994 .
(Bonnard, P.) Roger-Marx, Claude. Bonnard, Lithographe. Andre Sauret, 1952 .
(Bonnard, P.) Terrasse, Antoine. Pierre Bonnard, Illustrator. Abrams, 1988 .
(Bonnard, P.) Vaillant, Annette. Bonnard, with a dialogue between Jean Cassou and Raymond Cogniat. New York Graphic Society, 1965 .
(Bonnard, P.) Whitefield, Sarah and John Elderfield. Bonnard. Abrams, 1998 . 4to 270pp. 113 color plates. New. Catalogue by Sarah Whitefield. []
(Botero, F.) Spies, Werner. Fernando Botero: Paintings and Drawings. Prestel, 1992
SPIES, W.: BOTERO BILDER ZEICHNUNGEN SKULPTUREN Die vorliegende Publikation gibt einen Querschnitt der Gemlde, Zeichnungen, Aquarelle und Skulpturen Fernando Boteros, deren Ur- sprunge und knstlerische Aussage namhafte Schriftsteller und Kunsthistoriker untersuchen. 1986, 4to, 194 S, 161 ,
FERNANDO BOTERO PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS. The expertly reproduced paintings and drawings in this book are complemented by an introduction that discusses Botero's place in contemporary art and elucidates his work processes, by a fascin- ating interview with the artist, by detailed biographical notes, and by an exhibition history and a bibliography.Six short stories reveal a less familiar facet of the artist's creative personality 1992, 4to, 180 pp, 169
(Botero, F.) Ratcliff, Carter. Botero. Abbeville, 1980 .
(Botero, F.) Ratcliff, Carter. Botero. Abbeville, 1980 .
(Boudin, E.) Jean-Aubrey, G. Eugene Boudin. New York Graphic Society, 1968 .
(Boudin, E.) Bergeret-Gourbin, Anne-Marie. Eugene Boudin 1824-1898. Greniers a Sel/ Musee Eugene-Boudin, 1992 . Oblong 8vo, 253 pp., profusely illustrated. Text in French. New.
(Bourgeois, L.) Wye, Deborah and Carol Smith. The Prints of Louise Bourgeois. Museum of Modern Art, 1994 . Tasteful volume (horizontal format).
(Bourgeois, L.) Kotik, Charlotta. Louise Bourgeois: The Locus of Memory, Works 1982-1993. The Brooklyn Museum/Abrams, 1994 .
(Bourgeois, L.) Bourgeois, Louise. Louise Bourgeois: sculptures, environments, dessins 1938-1995. Editions de la Tempete: Paris Musees, 1995 .
(Bragaglia, A.) Benincasa, Carmine. Alberto Bragaglia: l'altra scena del futurismo. Marotta and Marotta: Napoli, 1990 . exhibition catalog
(Brancusi, C.) Bach, Friedrich Teja. Constantin Brancusi. MIT, 1995 . exhibition catalog Philadelphia show.
(Brancusi, C.) Varia, Radu. Brancusi. Rizzoli, 1986 .
(Broder, P.) Broder, Patricia Janis. Bronzes of the American West. Abrams, 1973 .
(Bronzino,) McCorquodale, Charles. Bronzino. Harper and Row, .
(Broodthaers, M.) Nobis, Norbert. Broodthaers. Cantz, 1996 .
(Broodthaers, M.) Broodthaers, Marcel. Cinema. Fundacio Antoni Tapies: Barcelona, 1997.
(Bruce, P.) Agee, William C., and Barbara Rose. Patrick Henry Bruce, American Modernist: A Catalogue Raisonne. Museum of Modern Art/Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1979
(Brush, D.) Esmerian, Ralph, Paul Theroux, Donald Kuspit, et al. Daniel Brush: Gold Without Boundaries. Abrams, 1998 . 4to, 275 pp., 300 ills., incl. 175 color plates.
(Buchheim, L.) Buchheim, Lothar-Gunther. The Graphic Art of German Expressionism. Universe, 1960 . 4to. 296pp. Almost 300 images, some in color.
(Burchfield, C.) Baigell, Matthew. Charles Burchfield. Watson-Guptill, 1976 .
(Burchfield, C.) Maciejunes, Nannette V., and Michael D. Hall. The Paintings of Charles Burchfield: North by Midwest. Abrams/Columbian Museum of Art, .
(Burne-Jones, E.) Harrison, Martin and Bill Waters. Burne-Jones. Putnam, 1973 . 4to; 210 pp. Good text, with many illustrations, a few in color.
(Burne-Jones, E.) Burne-Jones, Georgiana. Beginning of the World: Twenty-five Pictures by Edward Burne-Jones. Longmans, Green, 1902 (boards). 4to, 23 pp. The reproductions in the this publication are explained in the
(Caillebotte, G.) Varnedoe, J. Kirk T. et al. Gustave Caillebotte: A Retrospective Exhibition. Museum of Fine Arts / Brooklyn Museum, 1976 . Horizontal 4to. 224pp. With contributions by many hands. Catalogue by Varnedoe and Lee. exhibition catalog. Errata sheet laid-in. tion
(Calder, A.) Calder, Alexander. Calder's Circus. Art in America/Perls Galleries, n.d. . Large portfolio with 16 loose plates; covers lightly soiled.
(Calder, A.) Lipman, Jean. Calder's Universe. Viking/Whitney, 1976 . Square 4to, 350 pp., plates un-numbered.
(Calder, A.) Marchesseau, D. Calder Intime. Solange Thierry, 1989 . The "intimate Calder": works in wire, small sculptures and mobiles, jewelry. 4to, 398 pp. 680 ills., (200 in color). New. Text in French.
(Canaletto) Parker, K. T. ed. Canaletto: Drawings in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. Phaidon, 1948 .
LINKS, J.G.: CANALETTO J.G. Links skillfully evokes the magical world of this most popu- lar of artists. His new assessment of Canaletto's works includes consideration of his long stay in England and his last years in Venice about which little has been known until recently. Richly illustrated (228) of which 43 in colour. 1994, 4to, 239 pp, ill.
PILO, Dr. G.M.: CANALETTO Monographie aus der "Humboldt Kunstreihe", mit 1 portrat, 31 S/W und 24 farbige Abbildungen. Ant, 1962, 8vo, 90 S,
EELES, A.: CANALETTO 49 of his paintings in full colour, plus a short introduction. Nice book with good quality illustrations. Ant,1984, 4to, 84 pp, 49
ROSS, N.: CANALETTO Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768) known as Canaletto was the supreme master of the Venetian Vedute paintings. After an ill. essay concerning Canaletto's life and works, 47 of his paintings are ill. in full-page colour plates and discussed. Ant,1993, 4to, 144 pp,70
(Canaletto) Bromberg, Ruth. Canaletto's Etchings. Alan Wofsy Fine Arts, 1993
(Caro, A.) Blume, Dieter. Anthony Caro: Catalogue Raisonne, 4 volumes. Verlag Galerie Wentzel, 1982 . Volumes I, II, III, and IV only (at least two additional volumes have been been published.
(Carr, E.) Shadbolt, Doris. The Art of Emily Carr. Carke, Irwin/Douglas and McIntyre, 1979 .
(Carra, C.) Fagone, Vittorio. Carlo Carra: la matita e il pennello. Skira Editore, 1996 .
(Carra, C.) dell'Arco, Maurizio Fagiolo. Carlo Carra: The Primitive Period 1915-1919. Mazzotta, .
(Carra, M.) Carra, Massimo. Carra, Tutta L'Oera Pittorica 3 volumes. Edizioni Dell'Annunciata/Edizioni Della Conchiglia, 1967 .
(Carrington, L.) Carrington, Leonora. El Mundo Magico de los Mayas. Museo Nacional de Antropologia, .
(Cassat, M.) Mathews, Nancy Mowall. Cassat: A Retrospective. Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc., 1996 .
(Cassatt, M.) Breeskin, Adelyn D. The Graphic Work of Mary Cassatt: A Catalogue Raisonne. H. Bittner and Company, 1948 (boards). 1/500.
(Cellini) Pope-Hennessy, John. Cellini. Abbeville Press, 1985 . Folio, 324 pp.
(Chahine, E.) Weisberg, Gabriel P. Edgar Chahine: La Vie Parisienne. Smithsonian, 1984 . 4to, 129 pp., 92 plates.
(Chardin) Michel, Marianne Roland. Chardin. Abrams, 1996 .
(Chardin) Rosenberg, Pierre. Chardin, 1699-1779. Cleveland Museum of Art/Indiana University, 1979 .
(Chardin, J.) Wildenstein, Georges. Chardin. New York Graphic Society, 1969 . Revised and enlarged edition.
(Charlotte) Salomon, Charlotte. Charlotte: Life or Theater?. Viking, 1981 .
(Chase, W.) Gallati, Barbara. William Merritt Chase. Abrams, 1995 .
(Chase, W.) Pisano, Ronald G. William Merritt Chase. Watson-Guptill, 1979 .
(Cherkashin) Cherkashin. The End of the Epoch, The 90's/Cherkashin's Museum Metropolitan. Cherkashin's Museum/Kolodzei Art Foundation, 1993 . exhibition catalog, presentation copy
(Chicago, J.) Chicago, Judy. The Dinner Party: A Symbol of Our Heritage. Anchor Press, 1979 . 4to, 255 pp. Review slip included, as is the 10 page, tabloid newpaper like catalogue of the San Francisco Modern exhibition.
(Chillida) Selz, Peter, and James Johnson Sweeney. Chillida. Abrams, 1986 . Small oblong folio, 203 pp., 180 b/w and color plates.
(Christo) Christo. Christo: Running Fence. Abrams, 1978 . slipcase. Signed, #HC721.
(Christo) Christo. Christo Complete Editions 1964-1982. Verlag Schellmann and Kluser: Munchen, 1982 . Signed in orange crayon "To Bob with love / Christo"; CR and intro by per Hovdenakk.
(Church, F.) Huntington, David. The Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church: Vision of an American Era. Braziller, 1966 . First monograph on Church,
(Cimabue) Battisti, Eugenio; translated. Robert and Catherine Enggass. Cimabue. Pennsylvania State University, 1967 . 4to, xix + 135 pp., 68 color and b/w plates, 38 figs.
(Clark, L.) Clark, Lygia. Lygia Clark. Fundacio Antoni Tapies, 1998 . 4to, 362 pp., profusely illustrated. New. Text in Spanish and English.
(Claudel, C.) Riviere, Anne et al. Camille Claudel: catalogue raisonne. Adam Biro: Paris, 1996 . Photos by Anne Schaefer. Text in French.
(Clave, A.) Cabanne, Pierre. Clave. Editions de la difference, 1990 . slipcase.
(Clemente, F.) Auping, Michael. Francesco Clemente. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art/Abrams, 1985 .
(Clemente, F.) Crone, Rainer. Francesco Clemente, Pastelle 1973-1983. Prestel, 1984 . 4to, 198 pp.
(Close, C.) Poetter, Jochen and Helmut Friedel. Chuck Close: Retrospektive. Cantz, 1994
(Close, C.) Storr, Robert. Chuck Close. Museum of Modern Art, 1998 . Large 4to. 224pp. Numerous color repros of the images, plus documentary photos. exhibition catalog, with essays by Kirk Varnedoe and Deborah Wye. New, with dust jacket.
(Cole, T.) Cole, Alphaeus P. and Margaret Ward Cole. Timothy Cole, wood-engraver. The Pioneer Associates: New York, 1935 . Limited edition, illustrated with nineteen of TC's finest. Signed by the authors, number 509 of 750 copies, printed by D.B. Updike at the Merrymount Press.
(Colunga, A.) Sullivan, Edward J., y Jean Clarence Lambert. Alejandro Colunga, 1966-86. Museo de Monterrey, 1986 . Narrow folio, 116 pp., tipped color plates not numbered.
(Copley, J.) Prown, Jules David. John Singleton Copley In America 1738-1774 (vol. I) and, In England 1774-1815 (vol. II). Harvard University Press, for the National Gallery of Art, 1966 . 4to, volume I, xxiv + 244 pp., 334 figs.; volume II, xxi + 245-472 pp., 335-678 figs. "The Ailsa Mellon Bruce Studies in American Art" Catalogue Raisonne.
(Corinth, L.) Schuster, Peter-Klaus et al., ed. Lovis Corinth. Prestel, 1996 . 4to, 392 pp., 382 illustrations, 252 in color.
(Cornell, J.) McShine, Kynaston. Joseph Cornell. Prestel, 1990 .
(Cornell, J.) O'Doherty, Brian. Joseph Cornell: Dovecotes Hotels and Other White Spaces. Pace Gallery, 1989 . exhibition catalog.
(Cornell, J.) Ashton, Dore. A Joseph Cornell Album. Viking, 1974 . Small oblong 4to, 240 pp. Illustrations.
(Corot, C.) Tinterow, Gary et al. Corot. Metropolitan / Abrams, 1996 .
HOURS, M.: COROT The many facets of Corot's art and a biography of his life. Il- lustrated with 48 hand-tipped plates in full color and 74 b/w. 1984, 4to, 128 pp, 92
PANTAZZI, M. e.a.: COROT Cat.exh. Paris, Ottawa, New York (Metropolitan). Jean-Baptiste- Camille Corot (1796-1875) is the most important French landsca- pist of the 19th cent. He painted mood-filled views and luminous plein-air studies. In this book, essays chronicle Corot's life & a full art-historical commentary accompanies each of the 163 paintings catalogued. 255 of which 180 in full colour. 1996, 4to, 540 pp, 255
POMAREDE, V.: COROT Monographie tendu de cette peintre. Avec des reproductions en couleur, une bibliographie, un index des ouvres et une liste des expositions. 1996, 4to,256 p,
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