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Alquimia is a Mexican female multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a background in electronic and classical music. Her vocal style combines elements of avantgarde, ethnic, medieval, classical and improvised music. Her scores border on ambient, world and psychedelic music.

Her recordings are: Coatlicue (1992), Wings of Perception (1995), Dead Tongues (ReR, 1996) with Jose' Luis Fernandez Ledesma, Move & Resonate (BSC, 2000) with Roedelius, A Separate Reality (BSC, 2001), Underwater (2001) with Zinkl.

The best moments on Dead Tongues (ReR, 1996) are probably the four instrumental pieces titled Road To Santiago, particularly the first one, Night, a nocturnal scene in which a saxophone mourns over static piano pattern, and the fourth one (that has some abstract vocalizing), a circus-like bacchanal propelled by a demented disco beat. The main composition, Dead Tongues, is actually quite disappointing, a loose recital over ancient-sounding vocals, percussion and piano patterns. A Russian folk song forms the foundation for the epic Encinerada. Xibalba is an odd compromise between cabaret, progressive-rock and folk dance.

Angaelic Voices (???, 2003)

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