Jon Appleton
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Jon Appleton, born in Hollywood (1939) but mainly active in New York, was one of the pioneers of electronic music. His work on Syntonic Menagerie (Flying Dutchman, 1969), and Human Music (Flying Dutchman, 1970), with Don Cherry, introduced electronic instruments to a wider audience. Other compositions were collected on The World Music Theatre (Folkways, 1976), Music for Synclavier and Other Digital Systems (Folkways, 1979) Four Fantasies For Synclavier (Folkways, 1982), Two Melodramas for Synclavier (Folkways, 1982).

Contes de la Memoire (Empreintes Digitales, 1996) is a compilation of compositions from different eras.

Syntonic Menagerie 2 (Phonomena, 2003)

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Adam DiAngelo)

Jon Appleton (nato a Hollywood, California 1939) fu uno dei pionieri della musica elettronica. Le sue opere "Syntonic menagerie" (sull' etichetta Flying Dutchman 1969) e "Human music" con Don Cherry (anche sull'etichetta Flying Dutchman 1970) presentarono gli strumenti elettronici ad un' udienza piu grande.

Altre composizioni vennero raccolte sull'album "The world music theatre" (Folkways 1976) "Music for synclavier and other digital systems" (Folkways 1979) "Four fantasies for synclavier" (Folkways 1982) e "Two melodramas for synclavier" (Folkways 1982).

"Contes de la memoire" (Empreintes Digitales 1996) e' un'antologia dei suoi brani delle varie eta'.

"Syntonic menagerie 2" (Phonomena 2003).

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