Marc Baron

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French alto saxophonist Marc Baron recorded Propagations (Potlatch, 2008) in a sax quartet (the tenor of Bertrand Denzler, the soprano of Stephane Rives and the altos of Marc Baron and Jean-Luc Guionnet), and Formnction (Potlatch, 2009) in a duo with bassist Loic Blairon (credited to Narthex).

His solo album Mathematical symbol for intersection of two sets (Cathnor, 2013) consists of seven movements, each lasting exactly seven minutes, for saxophone, silence, "guttaral splutters and a few other items aside".

Baron used analogic devices to manipulate private tapes, movies soundtracks and classical music, old stuff that he found in his closets, for Hidden Tapes (Potlatch, 2014).

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