Ron Boots
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Dutch electronic musician Ron Boots (born in 1962) is a faithful disciple of both Tangerine Dream and Steve Roach. His first experiments with the sequencer appeared on cassettes such as Linear Waves (1987), Dreamweaver (1987), New Dream (1987), Wind in the Trees (1988). Moments (1988), Bookworks (1989), Hydrythmix (1989), credited to Project Two Point One (a collaboration with Bas Broekhuis) and featuring the 21-minute three-part jam Ocean Tale.

Steve Roach's influence was stronger on his first CDs, Dreamscape (1990), for guitar, bass, drums and electronics, whose title-track was a three-part suite, and Ghost of a Mist (1991). Offshore Islands (1990), a collaboration with British musician John Kerr containing the evocative Oceans Of Emotions and the magic For Those In Peril On The Sea. Then came his two his most popular albums, Different Stories and Twisted Tales (1993) and Detachment of Worldly Affairs (1994). Cutting Branches (1995), which includes Rumor Control, displayed the two faces of his art, the soothing/relaxed/meditational one and the rhythmic/hypnotic/propulsive one.

Screaming Whispers (1996), which includes Gibberish, created the stereotype for subsequent recordings, such as Current (1997) and Tainted Bare Skin (1998), perhaps his most baroque album.

Boots experimented with new techniques on Too Many Secrets (1997), a 74-minute ambient work, and perhaps his most accomplished work.

The "truth" tetralogy of Out there lies the Truth (1996), The Truth is Twisted (1996), Truth or Dare (1997), Four the Truth (1998) was inspired by the TV-series "The X-Files".

Close But Not Touching (2000), Liquid Structures In Solid Form (2002), Area Movement (2003) repeat the usual motifs.

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