Roberto Cacciapaglia
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Italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia has explored a broad spectrum of styles, starting with Sonanze (Polydor, 1975), cosmic music for electronic keyboards, symphonic orchestra and singers. The 1976 composition Sei Note In Logica (Philips, 1979 - Proper, 2001) takes six notes and plays them in all possible combinations.

He then straddled the line between avantgarde and pop music on the following releases: Ann Steel (1979), a collection of songs for the namesake supermodel, Generazioni Del Cielo (Fonit, 1982 - Proper, 2001), Angelus Rock (Polygram, 1992), Tra Cielo e Terra (CGD, 1996), Arcana (BMG, 2001), Tempus Fugit (BMG, 2003).

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