Jay Cloidt
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Jay Cloidt (1949), a student of Robert Ashley and David Behrman at Mills College, is a San Francisco-based composer.

Kole Kat Krush (Starkland, 1999) collected some of his electroacoustic chamber works, notable for their unusual wit and quotations from classical and pop music (Stravinsky, Beethoven, Cream, Sly Stone, Badalamenti): Kole Kat Krush (1989) for string quartet, electronic processing and tape, the most sophisticated example of Cloidt's "sampling" art; Jimi's Fridge (1990) for refrigerator; Karoshi (1995) for two performers on electronic and MIDI bass and sampled percussion; Exploded View, a concrete concerto for found sounds (traffic, a baby, a cat, appliances); Light Fall, the most abstract collage; the 20-minute five-movement concrete suite Life is Good And People Are Basically Decent (1995), which stands like a summary of the avantgarde from Pierre Henry to Philip Glass to sampling.

Dark Matter (Phthalo, 2001) collects 14 electronic works, including the four-part Concrete Jungle.

Spectral Evidence (Starkland, 2007) contains two compositions for string quartet and sampling: Eleven Windows (1998), eleven vignettes on the contents and sounds of an ordinary house, with the string quartet alternating between quasi-classical passages, emulations of ordinary sounds and counterpoint to processed found sounds; and Spectral Evidence (1999), a deconstruction and reconstruction of Mozart's quartet K387 (No. 14 in G), beginning with a literal performance of its first two minutes, and continuining with more and more skewed variations on the original source, a clever exercise of "anti-quotation".

D'Arc - Woman on Fire (MinMax, 2008) collects the music for San Francisco-based singer and writer Amanda Moody's theater piece of 2007, their second collaboration after the groundbreaking Serial Murderess (2000). Cloidt weaves a complex albeit subdued soundscape of electronic and acoustic sounds to counterpoint Moody's blend of European medieval hymnody and Afro-American gospel passion in Skin of Iron. Cloidt's music borrows from new age, techno and classical music to accompany her moaning in Prayers. The style varies from piece to piece, to follow the singer's story. By Cloidt's standards, this is a rather trivial commission.

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