Nicolas Collins
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New York-based composer Nicolas Collins, a student of Alvin Lucier, focused on group improvisation and live digital signal processing.

A Clearing Of Deadness At One Hoarse Pool, off Let The State Make The Selection (Lovely 1712, 1984), employed backward guitar's reverbs in an empty swimming pool. Going Out With Slow Smoke (Lovely 1701, 1982) relied on electronic noise and found sounds. Killed In A Bar (Lovely, 1983) was scored for radio and toy instruments.

Devil's Music (july 1985 - Trace Elements 1013, 1986 - EM, 2009) was an electronically-processed collage of random radio sounds: a live performance of Collins sampling radios and manipulating their sounds, bordering on "plunderphonic", but improvised live.

100 Of The World's Most Beautiful Melodies (may 1989 - Trace Elements, 1989) collects 42 duets with 15 musicians (Pippin Barnett, Anthony Coleman, Tom Cora, Peter Cusak, Shelley Hirsch, George Lewis, Christian Marclay, Ben Neill, Zeena Parkins, Robert Poss, Ned Rothenberg, Elliott Sharp, Davey Williams, John Zorn, Peter Zummo);

It Was a Dark Stormy Night (Trace Elements, 1992), recorded from april 1991 to may 1992, harks back to Robert Ashley's colloquial operas and casual, subdued accompaniment.

A Host Of Golden Daffodils (Plate Lunch) documents two 1996 live performances (june and november) by Peter Cusack (guitar, bouzouki, whistling) and Nicolas Collins (electronics).

Pea Soup (Apestaartje) is a 3" CD recorded in june 1999.

Sound Without Picture (Periplum) collects pieces for voice and electronics recorded 1993 and 1999.

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