Eric Cordier

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French composer Eric Cordier, a member of the improvising collective Afflux with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Eric La Casa, applied their aesthetic of reconstruction of audio sources to compose the sound sculptures of Houlque (La Grande Fabrique, 1996), and Synapses (Selektion, 1999), a collaboration with Jean-Luc Guionnet.

Digitalis Purpurea (Ground Fault, 2003) collects four audio installations for multiple loudspeakers, one of his specialties.

Breizhiselad (Erewhon, 2006) was created using as the source an old 78rpm record and adding field recordings and found sounds. Osorezan (Herbal International, 2007) collects field recordings from 1993-2006.

Orgue De Bois (Prele, 2008)

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