Coyote Oldman
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Night Forest (Coyote Oldman, 1986) (Hearts Of Space, 1997) **
Tear Of The Moon (Coyote Oldman, 1987) **
Landscape (Coyote Oldman, 1988) *
Thunder Chord (Hearts Of Space, 1990) *
In Medicine River (Hearts Of Space, 1992) *
Compassion (Hearts Of Space, 1993) *
Shape Of Time (Hearts Of Space, 1995) **
In Beauty I Walk (Hearts Of Space, 1996) *** anthology
House Made Of Dawn (Hearts Of Space, 1999) **

Coyote Oldman is a duo from Oklahoma (Michael Graham Allen on Native-American flute and Barry Stramp on electronics), that began performing in 1985. The production has become ever more sophisticated, album after album, while Stramp's electronics has become more prominent after 1995.

The still relatively simple title-track from Night Forest turns a flute invocation into a nebula of reflections and distortions. People of the Glacier and Iron Wood, from Landscape, add a neoclassical flavor. The title-track and Lunar Symphony from Tear Of The Moon resemble music of solo improvisations for the purpose of Eastern-style meditation. Dawn Procession, from In Medicine River, and the title-track from Thunder Chord reproduce the natural environment and the customs of the Native-Americans. The title-track from Compassion sets a soprano in a cosmic void of slowly dissolving melodic fragments. The title-track from Shape Of Time introduces noise, dissonance and neurosis in a style of music that had so far been quiet and introspective.

House Made Of Dawn (Hearts Of Space, 1999) collects 16 brief vignettes of what is arguably "cosmic music" a` la Klaus Schulze, with just a veil of Steve Roach's ethnic mystery. Drones float in, out and around melodic centers, inflate and deflate, overlap and interact. The form of the void keeps changing.

Michael Graham Allen has also recorded solo albums.

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