Piero Scaruffi's
History of Avantgarde Music

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There will be no progress in october on my History of Avantgarde Music because I will be traveling in Central Asia

Post-war orchestral music

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Harrison Birtwistle (Britain, 1934) the visceral violence of Tragoedia (1965) the dreamy quiet of Triumph of Time (1972)


Antoine Beuger (Holland, 1955) created extremely submusical works such as: the 70-minute composition Calme Etendue - Spinoza (Edition Wandelweiser, 2001); the 24 Silent Harmonies In Discrete Continuity (2004); Tanzaku for eight bowed instruments and Sekundenkl„nge for "an instrument with decaying sounds". that were collected on A Young Person's Guide To Antoine Beuger (2008); Two and Too, two colossal compositions that constitute the double-disc Two Too (2009); the 89-minute Keine Fernen Mehr (2010). and the 47-minute Un Lieu Pour Etre Deux (2011).
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TM, ®, Copyright © 2004 Piero Scaruffi. All rights reserved.