Darshan Ambient
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Darshan Ambient, the project of veteran ambient musician Michael Allison, straddled the border between contemplative and hedonistic music on Autumn's Apple (Lotus Pike, 2004). Some of the tracks offer lively, almost danceable, electronica, such as in Azure Day, that sounds like a more earthly version of Robert Miles' chill-out ambient dance-music, Deep Gardeu, a more atmospheric piece opened by jazzy cymbals and Eno-esque piano notes, and propelled by a funky backbeat, Autumn's Apple, a languid lullaby over propulsive drums. Acre of Sun and Pebble in My Shoe are shameless incursions into lounge music, designed to please the new-age crowd. On the other hand, Pastorale is waves and waves of soothing electronic strings (and, thankfully, no rhythm).

Allison died in 2020 just before the release of his 14th album, A Day Like Any Other (2020).

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