Stuart Dempster
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California-born trombonist and deep-listening composer Stuart Dempster (1936), a member of Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band, focused on resonating drones for his intense mantra Standing Waves, documented on In The Great Abbey Of Clement VI (august 1976 - 1750 Arch, 1979).

On the Boards (Anomalous, 2001), recorded live in Seattle in 1983, documents his "singing audience" pieces, such as Hornfinder (1982), Roulette (1983), On the Boards (1983), featuring didjeridu and large singing audience.

Sound Massage Parlor (1986) are piece for meditation and relaxation.

Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel (New Albion, 1996), his most ambitious recordings since In The Great Abbey, collects several works mostly for ten trombones recorded in a cistern, including Morning Light, Secret Currents, Melodic Communion, Cloud Landings.

Pran's three-movement Raga For The Rainy Season (Sparkling Beat, 2000) is a collaboration with trombone player Greg Powers.

Echoes of Syros (Full Bleed Music, 2009) documents a live improvisation by Stuart Dempster, multi-instrumentalist Eric Glick-Rieman and tuba/trombone player Tom Heasley. The general feeling repeats Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel, with perhaps more ghostly drones. The opening 34-minute piece is an exercise in creating thick abrasive drones that sounds precisely like echoes returning from distant galaxies. The trombone or tuba modulates what sounds like a bluesy tune and gently fades away into the floating electronics, buried by the loud buzzing of a didjeridu.

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