Thomas Dimuzio

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Composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Dimuzio (who relocated from Boston to San Francisco in 1996) specializes in compositions for acoustic instruments and "found sounds". He uses computers and other electronic devices to transform the original sounds into his own sounds. He excels at both free improvisation and more or less traditional composition.

Louden (Odd Size, 1997) compiles early cassettes: Delineation of Perspective (Gench, 1988), FLUX (Gench, 1988), 19th Monkey (Schism Gench, 1988), lightswitch (Gench, 1990), Sone Songs (Realization Recordings, 1990), Remote 1 (Zer0, 1991).

Headlock (Generations Unlimited, 1989 - ReR, 1998) was an ambitious collection, running the gamut from harsh musique concrete to ambient industrial music. The swirling maelstrom of Inherent Power and the Space Between sounds like Jimi Hendrix on electronics. That brief introduction leads to Shank Thesis, that unleashes a volley of dissonant, evil droning masses of sound. No less threatening are the chaotic chords floating in the polluted air of Sallow. Samplers take the driving seat in disjointed collages such as Moneytable at the Countinghouse and Certainty Persuaded Me. The influences of electronic pioneers such as Tod Dockstader and Gordon Mumma are strong and pervasive. Most original is probably the last piece, For You Don't Know What They Want You To Think, where fast moving ideas and cascading percussion create a rhythm worthy of rock'n'roll, a collage of distorted voices spins like a helicopter in free fall, syncopated metallic beats annihilate each other, repetitive samples collapse into a black hole, and a guitar strums in hell.

Markoff Process (RRRecords, 1994) documents live performances from 1990 and 1991.

The double-CD Sonicism (RRRecords, 1997), probably his artistic peak, created by distorting (or, better, "transforming") an arsenal of instruments, samples and field recordings, updates his dark ambient industrial techniques to a more metaphysical context.

Live at Generator (Generator Archives, 2001) documents one of his performances.

Another double disc, Mono::Poly (Gench, 2002), documents his work from 1997 on, and several collaborations with other industrial and progressive-rock musicians.

Uncertain Symmetry (Korm Plastics, 2002) is a long-distance collaboration with David Lee Myers.

Upcoming Events (No Fun Productions, 2009) and Hz (2009) originated from collaborations with Dan Burke (Illusion Of Safety).

Dimmer, a collaboration between Thomas Dimuzio and Joseph Hammer (an original member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society) of real-time electronic improvisation, was documented on live albums The Shining Path (2007) and Remissions (2009) and on the studio recording Ascent (Isounderscore, 2012) which was entirely implemented on vintage analog devices.

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