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New York-based electric guitar quartet Dither, formed in 2007, consisted of Taylor Levine, David Linaburg, Joshua Lopes, and James Moore on Dither (Henceforth, 2010), a collection of avantgarde compositions by several contemporary composers. Lainie Fefferman's Tongue of thorns sounds like an Indian pow-wow dance with a looped heavy-metal riff. Eric Clark's exPAT also employs looped "metal" overtones and does so in a much more traumatic manner leading to chaotic videogame-like cacophony. Jascha Narveson's Vectors toys with spatial decoherence (the listener is supposed to sit in the middle of the performers). Joshua Lopes' Pantagruel (the only piece here by a member of the quartet) begins as a solemn solo meditation but ends like old-fashioned Canterbury-ian progressive-rock. Lisa Coons' four-movement Cross-sections explores subtle and convoluted counterpoint that is usually reserved for (multi-instrumental) chamber music. The influence of Glenn Branca and Elliott Sharp, that one would expect to be relevant, is actually only marginal. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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