Urszula Dudziak
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Polish jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak (1943), wife of Michal Urbaniak, made her reputation thanks to a five-octave range. Relocating to New York, she began recording albums of wordless, electronically-processed scat, such as Newborn Light (november 1972), Urszula (Arista, 1975), Midnight Rain (Arista, 1977), Future Talk (february 1979).

Urszula (Arista, 1975) contains ten short pieces (all but two composed by her) for voice and small jazz ensemble. Only one composition on Midnight Rain (Arista, 1977) is hers. Future Talk (Inner City, 1979) has four brief ones by her. All three albums feature her husband on lyricon and/or violin.

In 1982 she formed Vocal Summit with other avantgarde vocalists such as Jay Clayton and Jeanne Lee. Her voice can also be heard on Ulla (1982), Sorrow Is Not Forever Love Is (november 1982 - Keytone, 1983), Warsaw Jazz Festival (october 1991), Malowany Ptak (september 1997), and several of her husband's records.

Magic Lady (april 1989) was the first collaboration with the combo Walk Away (Bernard Maseli on vibraphone and marimba, Jaroslaw Zawadzki on keyboards, Adam Wendt on saxophones, Pawel Maqciwodal on bass, Krzystof Zawadzki on drums). Saturation (may 1993) and Walk Away Feat were further collaborations with Walk Away (that now featured Zbigniew Jakubek on keyboards and Nippy Noya on percussion).

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