Reinhard Flatischler
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Krentz Ratings:
Schinore (1986), 5.5/10
Coreana (1987), 5.5/10
Transformation (1990), 6/10
Layers of Time (1996), 6.5/10
Terra Nova (1999), 5.5/10
The World is Full of Rhythm (1999), 5/10

Megadrums is the multi-ethnic percussive project of Austrian percussionist, composer and pianist Reinhard Flatischler, who has carried out studies on the philosophical and spiritual aspect of rhythm, as well as developed "Ta Ke Ti Na", a pseudo-shamanic technique that relies on the interaction of voice, hands and feet. Megadrums is credited with the mostly-percussive albums Schinore (1986), Coreana (1987), Transformation (1990), Ketu (1993), with a gamelan ensemble, tabla player Zakir Hussain, saxophone and flute, Layers of Time (october 1995 - Ellipsis, 1996), and Terra Nova (Intuition Music, 1999).

Layers of Time (Ellipsis, 1996) features an all-star line-up with Airto Moreira, Zakir Hussain and Glen Velez, The 12-minute Ancient Feelings balances shamanic flute amid sparse percussion, end towards the end picks up speed on both fronts. The jazzier, nine-minute Lovers of Time follows a similar route, with a romantic saxophone theme which eventually becomes feverish. Some of the shorter pieces are more conventional fusion jazz (Bardo) and danceable world-music (Ga Ma La).

The World is Full of Rhythm (1999) is an anthology.

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