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Furt, the duo of British electronic and digital musicians Richard Barrett (1959) and Paul Obermayer, debuted with the 70-minute 15-movement Angel (october 1995 - JDk, 1999), dedicated to Luigi Nono and the second part of a tetralogy titled "Out Of Time" that began with Johannes-Passion (1993) and continued with Problem (2001).

Defekt (Matchless, 2002) was mostly taken up by the 45-minute Ultimatum (february 2000), dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen and the last part of the tetralogy.

Dead or Alive (PSI, 2004) contains two colossal jams of live electronic music: Mice (june 2004) and the live Sad Fantasy (may 2002). They explore a vast territory ranging from Morton Subotnick to free jazz to videogames.

The four pieces on Omnivm (PSI, 2006) were culled from two live performances: Obliged (march 2005), Yet (march 2005), Ever (april 2006), Us (april 2006).

Spin Networks (december 2005) debuted the electroacoustic jazz octet of Furt plus John Butcher (saxophones), Rhodri Davies (harps), Paul Lovens(percussion), Wolfgang Mitterer (keyboards), Phil Minton and Ute Wassermann (voices).

Equals (2008) documents live 2005 performances with other (mostly jazz) improvisers.

Furt was pared down to the duo of Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer (both on electronics). for Sense (Psi, 2009), that contained only two pieces: the 45-minute Uranus, a studio work in 12 parts completed in august 2008 and the 25-minute Curtains, in memory of Karlheinz Stockhausen, recorded live on January 2009.

Furt's Richard Barrett played electronics and conducted three differents lineups on his Adrift (Psi, 2010). The 37-minute Codex IX (october 2008) features Elision, an eclectic ensemble with Peter Veale (oboes), Richard Haynes (clarinets), Tristam Williams (trumpets), Benjamin Marks (trombone), Peter Neville (percussion, melodica), Erkki Veltheim (viola), Daryl Buckley (electric guitar, electronics), Joel Stern (electronics) and Michael Hewes (sound projection). The 22-minute Adrift (november 2007) features Sarah Nicholls on piano. The 20-minute Codex VII (may 2007) features a small orchestra (flute, violin, cello, two clarinets, three trombones, two percussionists, three pianists and three guitarists).

Furt's Richard Barrett collaborated with electronic musician and guitarist Han-earl Park on Numbers (Creative Sources, 2012).

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