Qubais Reed Ghazala
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Photographer, painter, composer and inventor Qubais Reed Ghazala (Cincinnati, 1953) manipulates natural sounds or noise via a set of self-built "instruments". He debuted under the moniker Sound Theater with dozens of cassettes: A Watch in the Sea (1982), Mind Over Matter (1983), Bring Your Room (1985), Dreams that Insects Dream (1985), Requiem For A Radio (1985), Suite for a Radio and Turntable: (1985), Vinegar versus Cats (1986), Go Mad Xmas (1987), Natural Science (1987), Artifacts (1988), Behind the Emotional Mask (1989), Assemblage (Realization, 1990), etc.

Since 1992, when he published the article "Circuit-Bending and Living Instruments", Ghazala has been promoting a technique of "circuit-bending" that can turn just about any electronic gadget into a "musical instrument" (a medium for audio exploration).

There Is A Secret Garden (1993) employes sounds produced by a toy. Requiem For A Radio (Realization, 1995), originally composed in 1985, was constructed out of the sounds made by a transistor radio while it was being methodically destroyed. Threnody To The New Victims Of Hiroshima (Realization, 1995), his masterpiece, is a droning composition for a machine that simulates the sound of insects.

He is also a member of the Blacklight Braille ensemble, which has released several cassettes as well as Songs for the Longhaired Son (Vetco, 1995), Songs from Moonlight Snow (1996), Into the world of the Gods (Vetco, 1997), Dietles Tavern (Vetco, 1999), Sailing Away (Razzle, 1999), Old Bones and Sacred Stones (Razzle, 1999), The castle of the Northern Crown (Razzle, 1999), etc.

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