Daniel Goode
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New York-born composer and clarinetist Daniel Goode (1936), a student of Henry Cowell, Otto Luening and Pauline Oliveros, and a member of the Gamelan Son of Lion ensemble, composed works for solo clarinet, such as Circular Thoughts (1973), documented on Circular Thoughts (Folkways, 1979), Phrases of the Hermit Thrush (1974) and the Clarinet Songs (1991), collected on Clarinet Songs (XI, 1993), and for bass recorder on The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn (Opus One, 1982); for gamelan ensemble such as Hear the Sound of Random Numbers (New Wilderness Audiographics, 1985), composed in 1979, Eine Kleine Gamelan Music (GSOL, 2002), composed in 1980, 40 Random Numbered Clangs (1980), released on 40 Random Numbered Clangs (Folkways, 1982), Dans Music (1992), Puppet Dance (1993), Slendro Clarinet (GSOL, 1995), Dans King (1995), Re:Sound (1998), for small orchestras, such as Wind Symphony (1980), Cape Breton Concerto (1982), Tunnel-Funnel (Tzadik, 1997) for 15 instruments, and the ambitious 2-Noter (2000).

But also eccentric Cage-ian compositions such as The Red and White Cows (Finnadar, 1985) for any players (composed in 1980), Three Talking Sculptures for Election Day (1992) for any ensemble, Whistling through Your Sound (1996) for audience with whistling instruments and wind ensemble, Ann-Track (2003) for "variable orchestra", Stone Structures (1989) for two resonant rocks played by any number of players, and works for "dancing audience", such as Laendler Land (2000), Bluish Haze (2001) and Walking down the Avenue (2003).

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