Jean-Luc Guionnet

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Krentz Ratings:
Azier St. Martin-Sur-Mer Dieppe (1998), 6/10
Synapses I and IV (1999), 6.5/10
Erres (1999), 5.5/10
Improvisation Vol 1 (1999), 5.5/10
Traque (2000), 5/10
Axene (2000), 6/10
Tore (2000), 5/10
Metro Pre Saint-Gervais (2001), 5.5/10
Pentes (2001), 6/10
Heur (2001), 5.5/10
Olivier Benoit/Jean-Luc Guionnet (2001), 5.5/10
Return of the New Thing (2002), 5/10
Bouquetot, Autoroute A13/ Paris, Gare de Lyon/ Port-Jerome, Raffinerie (2003), 6/10
Crescendo (2003), 5/10
Synapses, Synapses IV and Synapses V (2004), 5.5/10
Tirets (2004), 6/10
Toc Sine (2005), 5/10
Live At Olympic Caf‚ & Jazz … Mulhouse (2006), 5.5/10
Map (2007), 5.5/10
Soleil D'Artifice (2007), 6/10
Noite (2007), 5.5/10
Propagations (2007), 5.5/10
Inscape - Lille-Flandres (2008), 5.5/10
Le Bruit du Toit (2008), 5.5/10
In (2008), 5.5/10
Non-Organic Bias (2009), 5/10
Dyslexic Harp (2010), 6.5/10
Window Dressing (2010), 6/10
Bird Dies (2010), 5/10
Moon Fish (2010), 5/10
Loges De Souffle (2010), 6/10
Fusees (2014), 5.5/10
Intervivos (2018), 5.5/10

French sound sculptor Jean-Luc Guionnet (1966) is a jazz saxophonist who has recorded with a number of free improvisers: Erres (Shambala, 1999), with the group Schams (Eric Cordier on hurdy-gurdy, Eric Bruelebois on drums); Improvisation vol 1 (La Belle Du Quai, 1999), credited to Calx, a duo of drummer Edward Perraud and Guionnet; Return Of The New Thing (Leo, 2002), documenting a 2000 live performance by a quartet with Dan Warburton (piano), Francois Fuchs (double bass) and Edward Perraud (drums); Heur (october 2001), a collaboration with drummer Edward Perraud; Olivier Benoit/Jean-Luc Guionnet (september 2001) with guitarist Olivier Benoit; etc.

Return Of The New Thing was also documented on Traque (august 2000) and Crescendo (november 2003)

Perhaps the most ambitious collaboration is Synapses I & IV (Selektion, 1999), that contained Synapses I (january 1996) and Synapses IV (june 1998), a collaboration with fellow composer Eric Cordier which was later continued on Synapses, Synapses IV and Synapses V (Selektion, 2004). The musicians connect the strings of a double-bass, a cello and a guitar to a set of string instruments ("acoustic and electric guitars, detuned piano, spinett-vina, hurdy-gurdy and cello"), percussion instruments and metal resonnators in such a way that plucking one string causes a chain reaction of sounds.

But he is also an avantgarde composer at the border between musique concrete and new age music. Axene (Ground Force, 2000) collects three works for electronics and natural sounds composed between 1989 and 1996: Ivraie/Baragnes, Axene, Ressac/Ressac.

Tore (Shambala, 2000) collects works for hurdy-gurdy, church-organ and saxophone by Eric Cordier and Jean-Luc Guionnet.

Pentes (april 2001 - A Bruit Secret, 2001), a collaboration with Eric La Casa, contains: Cornement, Registres, Unda Maris, Recit & Tremblant, Portevent. He is also a member of the musique concrete ensemble Afflux with Eric LaCasa and Eric Cordier, that have released Azier St. Martin-Sur-Mer Dieppe (october 1998 - Edition, 2002) and Bouquetot, Autoroute A13/ Paris, Gare de Lyon/ Port-Jerome, Raffinerie (Ground Fault, 2003), both focusing on improvisation with environmental sounds as they occur in an open landscape.

Tirets (Hibari, 2004) uses the organ to summarize 50 years of avantgarde techniques, from repetition to droning.

Map (july 2007) consisted of four duets between Jean-Luc Guionnet and Toshimaru Nakamura.

Le Bruit du Toit (Xing Wu, 2008) is a jam with percussionist Seijiro Murayama recorded in a Buddhist temple.

Noite (october 2007) was recorded by a quartet with Guilherme Rodrigues (cello), Ernesto Rodrigues (viola) and Seijiro Murayama (percussion).

Propagations (january 2007) is a solo-sax suite in three movements for a quartet with Marc Baron on alto, Stéphane Rives and Bertrand Denzoer play on soprano and tenor.

Toc Sine (august 2005) is an all-electronic a collaboration with Pascal Battus.

Inscape - Lille-Flandres (december 2008) is a collaboration with Eric La Casa, a seven-movement suite premiered in october 2004.

The double-disc Non-Organic Bias (2009) collects collages of archival electronic recordings.

The Fish is a trio with Guionnet on alto sax, Benjamin Duboc on bass and Edward Perraud on drums, documented on Live At Olympic Café & Jazz à Mulhouse (december 2005 and august 2006).

Soleil D'Artifice (june 2007) is a collaboration with Eric La Casa and Philip Samartzis. Guionnet plays amplified alto sax while LaCasa and Samartzis play computer, tapes and electronics.

Another collaboration between altosaxophonist Jean-Luc Guionnet and percussionist Seijiro Murayama resuled in Window Dressing (december 2010), containing the 30-minute Procede (june 2010).

The 41-minute suite Dyslexic Harp (Deciphered In The Dark) (january 2010) was performed by Rhodri Davies.

The Ames Room (with bassist Clayton Thomas and drummer Will Guthrie) released In (august 2008) and Bird Dies (march 2010).

The trio Fish (bassist Benjamin Duboc and drummer Edward Perraud) debuted with the live Moon Fish (february 2010).

The Fish, featuring Guionnet, bassist Benjamin Duboc and drummer Edward Perraud, debuted on the live Moon Fish (february 2010 - Clean Feed, 2012).

Loges De Souffle (october 2010), that documents a 40-minute live performance, and Fusees (january 2014) were collaborations with Thomas Bonvalet (banjo, harmonica).

Intervivos (Empty, 2018) documents a noisy collaboration with microphone and feedback player Daichi Yoshikawa.

Metro Pre Saint-Gervais (july 2001 - Chloe, 2002) documents an improvisation with Dan Warburton (violin) and Eric La Casa (microphones) in a subway station.

Solo A La Decollation (april 2019) documents a solo pipe organ performance by Guionnet, recorded in a church.

Blue Mistake Red Mistake (Meenna, 2020) contains a 44-minute piece performed by Guionnet with Yan Jun (vocals), Matija Schellander (contrabass) and Seijiro Murayama (percussion and vocals).

L'Epaisseur De L'Air (january 2018) collects solo improvisations, notably the 20-minute II C.

Lunar Error debuted with Guionnet's 64-minute piece Plafond De Verre (may 2018): he conducted but not played.

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