Mike Hansen
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At Every Point (2006) , 6/10

Toronto-based turntablist Mike Hansen (Canada, 1958) used the turntable as one of the inputs to digital improvisation and composition. His abstract soundscapes were driven by the quality of the sounds that he assembled through the turntable as well as other instruments.

At Every Point (Etude, 2006) collects five digital collages that used a variety of sources, from turntables to ethnic instruments. the 15-minute The Day Before The Day is musique concrete for the digital age, often imitating sounds of nature and domestic noises. A tenser dynamics and the sampling of drums lends the eleven-minute Tidying Up After a sense of drama. But the psychological peak is the eleven-minute The Alarm Went Off Sooner Than Expected, a somber concerto of subliminal sounds that evolve like a multitude of underground organisms.

Hansen is also a painter and a sculptor.

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