Michael Harrison
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New York-based composer Michael Harrison has focused his main works on the piano, particularly on the "harmonically-tuned piano" or "harmonic piano," a customized grand piano that can alternate between two different tunings (basically an evolution of Young's "well-tempered piano").

From 1978 till 1996 Harrison took lessons of North Indian classical singing with Pandit Pran Nath, and throughout the 1980s he worked on "just intonation" with La Monte Young.

Thus the intense and subtle harmonic-piano solos of In Flight (Fortuna, 1987), From Ancient Worlds (New Albion, 1992) and Revelation (Harrison, 2001 - Cantaloupe, 2009) , a 72-minute solo recorded live. He customized the piano according to his own method of tuning, that he calls "pure intonation".

Harrison has also composed Symphonic Cortege (1992) for orchestra, and recorded The Crystal Flame (1980) for piano, violin and bass.

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