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Hauschka (German pianist Volker Bertelmann) turned the tables on the avantgarde when he applied John Cage's then-provocative techniques and the repetitive strategies of the minimalists to simple and pastoral folk-inspired melodies The Prepared Piano (2005).

Room to Expand (2007) added strings and electronics to the prepared piano.

Ferndorf (2008) further expanded the instrumentation, and also ventured into noise with Barfuss Durch Gras.

An extended EP, Snowflakes And Carwrecks (Fat Cat, 2009) contained unreleased compositions recorded during Ferndorf sessions.

The aimless Foreign Landscapes (2010) featured a chamber ensemble, the San Francisco Magik Magik Orchestra, and downplayed his prepared piano while increasing the presence of minimalist repetitive techniques.

Continuing to diversify, Salon des Amateurs (2011) was his dancefloor album, replete with pounding drum-machine in jams like Radar. It also features one of his most celestial ventures into minimalist repetition and crescendo, Tanzbein. To Bertelmann's credit, nobody before him had imagined that Cage's prepared piano could be used in so many settings and would be heard even in a dance club.

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