Shelley Hirsch
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Shelley Hirsch (New York, 1952) is a "creative" vocalist who emerged with Singing (Apollo, 1988) and the symphony for voices and electronics that titles Haiku Lingo (Review, 1990), with David Weinstein on electronics.

The autobiographical multimedia musical O Little Town of East New York (Tzadik, 1995), co-composed in 1992 with keyboardist David Weinstein, is a collection of monologues and songs.

Other recordings include Duets (Innocent, 2002), with Japanese guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi, and Far In Far Out Worlds (Tzadik, 2002).

A member of countless improvising ensembles, Hirsch has also composed interactive multimedia installations such as the virtual duets with Jerry Hunt of For Jerry, States, My Father Piece and The Passions of Natasha, Nokiko, Nina, Nicole and Norma, All The Way Way With Jim and Shel, etc.

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