Jerry Hunt
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Jerry Hunt (1943) was an eccentric Texan composer who defied any categorization. His works, collected on Lattice (Irida, 1979 - CRI, 1996), Ground - Five Mechanic Convention Streams (Oodiscs, 1992), Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links (What Next, 1994 - Oodiscs, 1998 - Pogus, 2013), and Song Drapes (Tzadik, 1999), which also contains the 12 String pieces, co-composed and performed (mostly) by Karen Finley, sound like collages of different schools of music.

Haramand Plane contains Hunt's last three compositions. Chimanzzi -Link (1) employs relatively few building blocks (notably, a cascade of anguished glissandoes), but there is a sense of counterpoint and of movement that is more typical of symphonic music than of electronic music. A swarm of buzzing insects opens Chimanzzi -Link (2) and leads to a chaotic percussion concerto, possibly inspired by the jungle of slot machines of Las Vegas' casinos, that halfway gets lost into a dark labyrinth of mirrors, still haunted by those mysterious insects. Chimanzzi -Drape: Link [Derivative Extraction: (Birome: Zone): Plane: (Fixture)) is a less cohesive and more neurotic piece of music, torn by dissonant drones and irregular noise.

Phalba (Tzadik, 2005) collects two unreleased compositions and reissues two rare compositions.

Jerry Hunt committed suicide in 1993.

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