James Johnson
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James Johnson, a former member of Illusion Of Safety, was revealed by the computer-generated ambient music of Unity (Zero, 1998) and Surrender (Zero, 1999), ethereal scores reminiscent of Harold Budd. The latter includes She Will Shift You (28:05) and Surrender (19:41).

He then devoted himself to soothing hour-long compositions such as Entering Twilight (Hypnos, 2000) and Linger (Space for Music, 2000).

Lost at Dunn's Lake (2001), a collaboration with Stephen Philips, and Forgotten Places (2001), a collaboration with Robert Scott Thompson, introduced new elements that showed up also in the electro-acoustic chamber pieces The Butterfly Chamber (Hypnos, 2002).

The "journeys" series, begun with Odyssey (Zero, 2002) and Minimum (Zero, 2003), also introduced new elements: the second CD of the latter fuses his usual ambient fields with natural sounds.

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