Mari Kimura

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Mari Kimura Japanese violinist Mari Kimura first employed subharmonics to extend the language of the violin in the early 1990s. After Irrefragable Dreams (1996), a collaboration with flutist Robert Dick. Leyendas (1999), a collaboration with Mexican flutist Roberto Morales Manzanares, she compiled some of her computer-augmented works on Polytopia (2007).

The World Below G and Beyond (Mutable, 2010) is a compilation of works from 1992 (the three-movement ALT) to 2009. She demonstrates her virtuoso skills by leaping in and out of subharmonics in Gemini (1995) and the Six Caprices for Subharmonics (1998). The more recent works augment her technique with the computer. Notable are the sheer violence emanating from Vitessimo (2007) and the Bucknerian (2002), a duet of sorts with vocalist Thomas Buckner.

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