Iury Lech
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American-Ukrainian electronic composer Iury Lech (1958), also a film-maker, whose early recordings include Otra Rumorosa Superficie (Hyades Arts, 1989) and Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos (Hyades Arts, 1990), specializes in multi-media events.

A Bite In The Common Sense (Hyades Arts, 1992) is a hodge-podge of styles, from syncopated dance music to ambient music (Ultraviolada), from percussive industrial music (A Bite) to dissonant dronig music (Nautilo), from space-jazz (Fool's Age) to cosmic melodrama (Spanish Geishas).

Other recordings include Serial Castrati (Hyades Arts, 1995), the ambitious Aspersions By Instinct (Insolit, 1998), Victima Of Dunceing (Insolit, 2001), Igneorama (El Europeo, 2001).

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