Jason Lescalleet

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Maine's electronic/digital musician Jason Lescalleet collaborated with Nmperign for In Which The Silent Partner-Director (Intransitive, 2000) and Love Me Two Times (Intransitive, 2006) and with their cofounder Greg Kelley for Forlorn Green (march 2001 - Erstwhile, 2002) and Conversations (Glistening Examples, 2014), with John Hudak for Figure 2 (Intrasitive, 2001), with Jason Kahn Red Room (Chloe, 2004), with Aaron Dilloway for Grapes And Snakes (Pan, 2012) and Popeth (Glistening Examples, 2014), with Kevin Drumm for The Abyss (Erstwhile, 2014), and with Graham Lambkin for The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008), Air Supply (Erstwhile, 2010) and Photographs (Erstwhile, 2013). Meanwhile he also released his own soundpaintings: Mattresslessness (Cut, 2002), the mini-album Electronic Music (RRRecords, 2003), To The Teeth (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2005), The Pilgrim (Glistening Examples, 2006), that contains what is possibly his best composition, the 74-minute The Pilgrim, Songs About Nothing (Erstwhile, 2012) and Much To My Demise (Kye, 2014). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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