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After the electroacoustic Sleep Digest (Pale-Disc, 2000), Lethe (Japanese composer Kuwayama Kiyoharu) turned to droning minimalism for found objects such as plumbing pipes, sheets of metal, tanks, lumber and glass, resonating inside massive empty architectural spaces such as a warehouse, the hull of a ship, an airplane hangar, etc: Catastrophe Point #6 (2005), the double-disc Catastrophe Point #1 & #2 (Cloud Of Statics, 2005), Catastrophe Point #5 (Intransitive, 2009), the double-disc Catastrophe Point 7 & 8 (Invisible Birds, 2010), Dry Ice On Steel Tables (either/OAR, 2011), etc.

Long Heat (ICR, 2005) was a collaboration with Jonathan Coleclough and Tsurumai (Intransitive, 2006) was a collaboration with Kapotte Muziek.

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