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British hyper-prolific multi-instrumentalist Andrew Liles cut his teeth in the scene of British industrial music of the 1980s, notably playing with Nurse With Wound. He debuted solo with the musique concrete of An Un World (Infraction, 2001), containing the 13-minute Left Behind, and Love Song Versions 1-11 (Macrophonies Org, 2002). Miscellany (Pipkin, 2002), which collects rarities from 1984-2002.

collaborations with John Coleclough, Daniel Menche, Darren Tate, Nigel Ayers, Colin Potter, Hafler Trio, Sutekh Hexen, Current 93, etc.

Then came All Closed Doors (Infraction, 2003), the four untitled pieces of Anal Aura Gram (Macrophonies Org, 2003), Aural Anagram (Macrophonies Org, 2003), with the ten-minute Aural Anagram and the three-movement Little Treatise On Morals, Interpolations (Pipkin, 2003), with the 17-minute remix Aural Anagram, My Long Accumulating Discontent (Nextera, 2004), collecting 17 pieces, the double-disc New York Doll (Infraction, 2004), Vital Static (Macrophonies Org, 2004), Four Compositions Created for an Imaginary Performance by the Legendary John Fare (Pipkin, 2005), Mother & Son (Starfiresun, 2005), Mother Goose's Melody Or Sonnets for the Cradle (ICR, 2005), containing the nine-minute Mechanical Substitute For The Arms, The Astronomical Entomologist (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2005), Without Season (Twenty Hertz, 2005), Eggs (Important Records, 2006), The Dying Submariner (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2006), subtitled "a concerto for bowed guitar and reverberation in three movements", Tubercular Bells (Pipkin, 2006), etc.

Liles released "unused" music on a series of 12 albums, released on the first of every month from December 2006 through to November 2007, and later collected on The Complete Vortex Vault Recordings (2011): Black Paper (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2006), Black Hole (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Beauty (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), with the 16-minute All Things Bright And Beautiful And Corrosive and the 16-minute George The Chemist, Black Widow (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Mamba (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Sea (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), with the three-movement Black Sea and the 14-minute Anhedonia, Black Market (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Out (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Panther (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Sheep (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), Black Pool (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), and Black End (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007), mostly devoted to the 39-minute Kay-Loong-Meu-Tuk.

Then came: Iron Lung - Glass Bones (Twisted Knister, 2007), Torch Songs (Die Stadt, 2007), Auto Manipulator (Lumberton Trading Company, 2008), Burn (Not on Label, 2008), Fini (Dirter Promotions, 2008), Gone Every Evening (Die Stadt, 2008), No Birds Do Sing (Dirter Promotions, 2008), Ostinato 23 (Oral, 2008), the double-LP Ouarda (Dirter Promotions, 2008), containing 23 pieces, Somnambulance To Dream General (Klanggalerie, 2008), The Progeny of Flies (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2008), Anal Aura Gram(ophone) (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2010), Aviatophobia (Sound of Break Up - Sound of Impact) (Not on Label, 2010), containing two side-long compositions, Sound Of Break Up and Sound Of Impact, As If Punk Rock Never Happened (Dirter Promotions, 2011), First Aid Box (Ultra Mail, 2011), containing the 15-minute Soiled Dreams And Disappointment, etc.

Then came a tetralogy devoted to time: Diagonally Through Time (2013), with the 24-minute Where Do We Go From Here, Sideways Through Time (2013), Reversing Through Time (2013), with the 14-minute Futures Unexplored, and Fast Forward Through Time (United Dairies, 2014), containing two side-long compositions, Fast Forward Through Time and Reversing Through Time.

He also released a series of " imaginary soundtracks for imaginary horror films": Honey Monster (Quasi Pop, 2010); Miraculous Mechanical Monster (Dirter Promotions, 2010), containing the 24-minute The First Heart Attack Was The Best and the 21-minute To Kill The Monster; Mind Mangled Trip Monster (Dirter Promotions, 2010), with the nine-minute Twilight/Flashback and the nine-minute Xenograft; Monsters From The Future (2010); Muldjewangk, Morgawr & Other Monsters (Tourette, 2011); Schmetaling Monster of Rock (Dirter Promotions, 2011); his dub album Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters (Dirter Promotions, 2012); Milky Maidenhead (2012); Murgatroyd The Monster (2013); Murderers, Maniacs, Madmen & Monsters (Merzbild, 2013), with the 20-minute The Defeat Of Panga Panga; The Maleficent Monster And Other Macabre Stories (2014); Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens And Wicked Witches (2014); the mini-album Dreamy Gorgeous Monster (2014), which only contains the 20-minute title-track; Monsters From The Future Volume II (2014), Monster Raving Loony (2015), First Monster Last Monster Always Monster (2015), Diario De Un Monstruo (2017), Other Worlds Other Monsters (2018), etc.

The 25-disc box-set Incommensurable Magnitudes (2013) contains twentyfour 59-minute compositins plus a couple of 12-minute tea breaks

Then came: Life Is An Empty Place (Norton North, 2015), Cover Girls (Dirter Promotions, 2015), a collaboration with female vocalists including Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle fame, Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Blackest Rainbow, 2016), The Power Elite (United Dairies< 2016), The Power Elite (United Dairies, 2016), Acedia (Ultra-Mail, 2016), Animal Magick (Tourette, 2016), with the 15-minute title-track, The Unimportance Of Being Earnest (Noise Noise Noise, 2017), Twisted (Ultra-Mail, 2017), etc.

In 2018-19 Liles released a 42-hour-long album containing 50 "songs that are each 50 minutes long: Colossus Part One (2018) contains the first 25 pieces, and Colossus Part Two (2019) containes the others. This project was meant to celebrate his 50th birthday: each piece is a "cover" of a hit song that topped the charts between 1969 and 2019.

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