Otto Luening
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Otto Luening (Wisconsin, 1900), one of the pioneers of "tape music", created the Fantasy In Space (1952). In october 1952, a live concert by Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky of electronic music at New York's Museum Of Modern Art was broadcasted live, and caused a sensation. In 1955, Luening began experimenting with the synthesizer invented by Harry Olson and Herbert Belar at RCA's Princeton Labs. In 1959, Luening and Ussachevsky founded the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (CPEMC), the first studio for electronic music in the USA, which featured the synthesizer "Mark II". Their Concerted Piece (1960) was another milestone in the development of electronic music. Luening's Synthesis (1962) for orchestra and tape opened new horizons for electroacoustic music (music scored for acoustic instruments as well as electronics). But he also composed a flute concerto, the Kentucky Concerto, four symphonic fantasias, a chamber symphony, three string quartets, three sonatas for violin and piano, three solo violin sonatas. Orchestral Works (Newport) collects Potowatomi Legends (1980), (1991) and other pieces. Most of his work was actually quite traditional in structure and instrumentation. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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