Jackson Mac Low
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Chicago writer, painter and composer Jackson MacLow (1922) focused on the "text" as it is spoken and heard. His instructions for performers often include notes to "listen", not just to perform. Thus the other performers as well as environmental sounds can influence the performance of any one performer.

Open Secrets (XI, 1993) collects some of his compositions for different techniques and settings. His works for multitracked voices are well represented by the first Milarepa Gatha (1961), first of a series that would continue for many years, by Winds/Instruments (1980), 38th and 39th Merzgedichte In Memoriam Kurt Schwitters (1989), Phoneme Dance In Memoriam John Cage.
His eccentric chamber music is documented by Milarepa Quartet For Four Like Instruments (which "may be played on any four instruments of the same kind and range") and Lucas 1 To 29: For One Or More Instrumentalists (In Memoriam Morton Feldman And For The Musicians Of Germany) (1990).

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