Daniel Menche
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Portland-based sound sculptor Daniel Menche (1969) began his career as a noise terrorist, with the harsh, brutal walls of noise of Multi Layering Termination (1994), Incineration (Soleilmoon, 1993), Static Burn (Soleilmoon, 1994), Legions in the Walls (Trente Oiseaux, 1995) and the EP Furious Eclipse (Soleilmoon, 1995). Menche used bodily noises and field recordings (and sometimes acoustic instruments) as the original sources, but little was left after his processing.

That visceral, dissonant approach to communication was somewhat tamed by the delicate textures of Field of Skin (Soleilmoon, 1997). However, the monster intensity of Screaming Caress (Side Effects, 1997), mostly derived from bodily noises, proved that the inner horror was still there, although, outside, order and coherence were being created.

After Vent (Or, 1998), Menche began to sculpt a kind of noise that was subliminal, atmospheric, almost ambient. This phase is documented by the EP Crawling Towards The Sun (Soleilmoon, 2000), by October's Larynx (Alluvial, 2001), by the dense textures of The Face Of Vehemence (Ground Fault, 2002), by the organic structures of Beautiful Blood (Alien8, 2003), Deluge (Beta-lactam Ring, 2003), Invoker (Antifrost, 2003).

Garden (Auscultare, 2003) is a collaboration with Kiyoshi Mizutani in which Menche worked on the high frequencies while his partner worked on the low frequencies of some field recording of locusts and crickets.

His style had become a bit predictable by Skadha (Antifrost, 2004), Eye On The Steel (Substractif, 2004) and Sirocco (Important, 2005). On the other hand, the EP Drunk Gods (2005) was not only more inspired but also less indulgent.

As his output became more prolific, the quality and the focus of his recordings paid a price. But at least Flaming Tongues (Blossoming Noise, 2005) represented an intriguing blend of atonal and minimalistc music.

Wings on Fire (2005)

Beast Resonator (2005)

The double-CD Concussions (2006) was devoted to percussion instruments.

Radiant Blood (Drone, 2006) is a 10" record that contains lugubrious drone music. The same "gothic" idea was explored on Creatures of Cadence (2006).

Jugularis (2006) continued the project of Concussions (2006), although is a less austere format.

Wolf's Milk (Utech, 2007) was an album of droning ambient music in the vein of October's Larynx.

Kataract (Editions Mego, 2009) contained a 40-minute piece for sounds of waterfalls, which was also the theme of the cassette Raw Fall (Tapeworm, 2010).

Terre Paroxysm (Utech, 2010) is a four-movement symphony for forces of nature. Blood Of The Land (Ferns, 2010), a collage of storm recordings, was similarly conceived, although on a smaller scale.

Cerberic Doxology (Anthem Records) was a collaboration between Joe Preston and Daniel Menche.

Three colossal compositions surfaced in 2012: Feral (recorded in 2010-2011), Guts (Mego, 2012), and Quanta Of Light (Touch, 2012).

Marriage Of Metals (Mego, 2013) processed ancient Indonesian gongs.

Yagua Ovy (MIE, 2011) documents a collaboration with guitarist Anal Courtis.

Crater (Sige, 2016) documents a collaboration with Aaron Turner's Mamiffer.

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The project Novi_Sad, namely BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Francisco Lopez and Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio, debuted with the neurosciences-inspired Neuroplanets (2013).
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