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Canadian percussion ensemble Nexus (Bob Becker mainly on xylophone and marimba, Bill Cahn on mainly xylophone, Robin Engelman, Russell Hartenberger and John Wyre), which debuted with a completely improvised concert in 1971, have performed world-music, jazz and western avantgarde.

Their first recordings were two collaborations with Paul Horn: Paul Horn and Nexus (Columbia, 1975) and Altura Do Sol (Columbia, 1976), later reissued as The Altitude Of The Sun (Black Sun, 1989).

Then came Music of Nexus (Nexus, 1978), Under the Umbrella (CP, 1981), Changes (Nexus, 1982), and the triple album Nexus & Earle Birney (1982), a collaboration with a Canadian poet. After The Best of Nexus (Nexus, 1989), they became a lot more prolific: Nexus Now (june 1989 - Nexus, 1990), Dance of the Octopus (CBC, 1990) with Judy Loman, Nexus Plays the Novelty Music of G.H.Green (Nexus, 1991), Nexus Ragtime Concert (june 1976 - Umbrella, 1976 - Nexus, 1991), Origins (august 1991 - Nexus, 1992), one of the most varied of their improvised sound collages (extending well beyond the usual definition of "percussion"), Cahn's orchestral experiments The Story of Percussion in the Orchestra (june 1992 - Nexus, 1992) and Voices (january 1994 - Nexus, 1994), The Mother of the Book (IRJ, 1994) with Gil Evans, Music for Heaven and Earth (CBC, 1995), World Diary (Papa Bear, 1995) with Tony Levin, Farewell to Philosophy (may 1995 - Point, 1996), Toccata (may 1996 - Nexus, 1997), Nexus meets Peter Sadlo (Koch, 1997), Rune (Nexus, 1997), World Drum Festival (march 1997 - Syrinx, 1997), Orchestral Music of Takemitsu (february 1997 - Sony, 1998), Garden of Sounds (january 1999 - BIS, 2000), with Richard Stoltzman, Lullaby (Nexus, 2001) with Leigh Howard Stevens, DrumTalker (april 2003 - Nexus, 2003), Rituals, containing the Concert for Violin and Orchestra (october 1998) and Rituals (march 2004) for five percussionists and orchestra, Out of the Blue (march 2005), Wings (june 2005).

The members of Nexus have also released solo albums: John Wyre's Vagabond Dream (Heron, 1991), Bob Becker's There is a Time (Nexus, 1994), William Cahn's Solo Percussionist Music (Nexus, 1996).

Robin Engelman has also composed orchestral, vocal and chamber works centered upon percussion.

In 2002, John Wyre retired and was replaced by Garry Kvistad.

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