Tristan Perich

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New York-based sound artist Tristan Perich made news with his "one-bit" electronic music, a form of digital soundscaping in which each sound can be represented with just one bit of information, the lowest possible digital representation of audio. The CD edition of 1-bit Music (Cantaloupe, 2005) was actually not a CD but an electronic chip playing one-bit music: all the listener had to do was plug in a headphone. The result, of course, sounds like very amateurish synth-pop (Dumb, On The Mayflower) or classical music performed on toy keyboards (the Bach-ian Repeat Her, the galloping Rossini-an aria Fall Front Fast). Or an alarm clock that wouldn't stop and or a cell phone that keeps ringing. Just Let Go is perhaps the catchiest "song".

By the same token, his 1-bit Symphony (Cantaloupe, 2010) was an "electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip".

He has also composed: Interface (2007) for string quartet and one-bit electronics Active Field (2007) for 10 violins and one-bit electronics Telescope (2007) for two bass clarinets, two baritone saxophones and one-bit electronics, All Possible Paths (2008) for clarinet, acoustic guitar, cello, double bass, marimba, piano and one-bit electronics, Between the Silences (2008) for nine strings and one-bit electronics, 1/4 Revolution (2008) for three violas and one-bit electronics, Observations (2008) for two sets of crotales and one-bit electronics, Qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq (2009) for three toy pianos and one-bit tones, Dual Synthesis (2009) for harpsichord and one-bit electronics, Impermanent (2010) for tubulat bells and one-bit electronics, Interference Logic (2010) for guitar quartet and one-bit electronics, etc.

He is also a member of Loud Objects with Kunal Gupta and Katie Shima.

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