Conrad Praetzel
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Conrad Praetzel is a California-based electronic keyboardist and percussionist who concocts impressionistic vignettes. He debuted with Between Past And Present (Scarlet, 1990) and Myths and Memories (Paleo, 1993).

En-Trance (Paleo, 1995) further developed his knack for mixing electronic and ethnic instruments, particularly in the lively exotica of River Truce and Out of the Woods, and in the haunting, propulsive Corpus Delicti.

Vocals and danceable rhythms do not help Receive (Paleo, 1998), featuring vocalist Sukhawat Ali Khan and guitarist Robert Powell, a meeting of the electronic, Indian and folk traditions. The seven-minute Eternal Wife and Elder Days are perhaps the best results of their multicultural fusion. The country-flavored Ropes And Ladders is an intriguing detour, but hardly revolutionary.

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