Jose Luis Redondo

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Jose Luis Redondo is a Spanish guitarists whose La Reponse est aux Pieds (Etude, 2008) was a set of studies for string instruments (banjo, dobro, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piccolo bass) ranging from the raga-like gallop of 282 (although horrendously deformed) to the fibrillating cosmic rhapsody of Dragon Gemini. None of the pieces (with the notable exceptions of the sawing-like Earth Brain and the convoluted hodgepodge of subliminal sounds of Mandelbrot's Silence) veers too far from the classical genres, although each introduces healthy doses of dissonance. Even the fantasia of sound effects Ending maintains a composure and a unity that makes it sound more "classic" than most noise pieces. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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