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Sachico M defined her "onkyo" aesthetic with the cassettes Music for Headphone (september 1997) and Sine Wave Solo (december 1998).

She played with Hoahio: Happy Mail (july 1997 - Amoebic, 1997) and Ohayo! Hoahio! (Tzadik, 2000) She played with I.S.O. (Yoshimitsu Ichiraku, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide): Gravity Clock (february 1998), I.S.O. (june 1998), Live (july 1998), I.S.O. (december 2002), containing only one 40-minute live improvisation, Sound Tectonics (2003). She collaborated with Yoshihide in Filament, starting with Filament 1 (april 1998). She also played in the ensemble documented on Cosmos (march 2002 - Erstwhile, 2002), a collection of live 2001-02 performances.

Artefact (november 2000) contains duets with Philip Samartzis on sine waves.

He also released three 20-minute mini-discs: Debris (august 1999), D Detect (august 2000), and 1:2 (june 2003).

Later solo albums include: Derive (Noise Asia, 2003), recorded in april 1999 and october 1999, Bar Sachiko (january 2004), Salon de Sachiko (july 2007).

Cosmos was a collaboration between Sachiko M and vocalist Ami Yoshida that released Tears (Erstwhile, 2002).

The double-disc Contact (september 2008) documents a collaboration between guitarist Keith Rowe (also on electronics) and Sachiko M on sampler, sine waves and contact microphone.

The double-disc Good Morning Good Night (2011) documents a collaboration between Sachiko M (on sine wave sampler), Toshimaru Nakamura (on no-input mixing board), and Otomo Yoshihide (on sampler). Nakamura and Sachiko M also play together on Do (Erstwhile, 2011).

The triple-disc Rowe M Nakamura Yoshihide (recorded in may 2004) documents a live performance by Keith Rowe, Sachiko M (on sinewaves & contact microphone), Toshimaru Nakamura (on no-input mixing board), and Otomo Yoshihide (on electric guitar & turntables).

Ftarri Collection 2 documents two live performances, one (april 2008) by a quartet with Noid (cello), Kai Fagaschinsk (clarinet), Axel Dorner (trumpet) and Taku Unami (computer, guitar), and the other one (september 2010) by the duo of Eddie Provost (percussion) and Sachiko M (sinewaves).

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