Philip Samartzis

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Australian digital musician Philip Samartzis set the very background noise that sound engineers try to remove from a recording (tape hiss, vinyl crackles, electrical buzzes, radio interference and so on) against a vast stark backdrop of unnerving silence. His recordings included: Residue (1998), containing three experiments of musique concrete; the 39-minute piece of Windmills Bordered By Nothingness (Dorobo, 1999); Transparency (2001), documented on the compilation Immersion (2006); Artefact (2002), a collaboration with Sachiko M; Dance (2002), a collaboration with Yamamoto Seiichi; the 18-minute Microphonics, off the compilation Grain (2003); the six untitled movements of Soft And Loud (Microphonics, 2004); Strange Love (2004), a collaboration with Oren Ambarchi and Guenter Mueller; Wireless_Within (For 4 Ears, 2005), a collaboration with Gunter Mller and Voice Crack.

Unheard Spaces (Microphonics, 2006) was a detour into alteatory and improvisational music (Absence And Presence) and into concrete collage (Unheard Spaces).

Scheckenrock (2009) was a collaboration with Michael Vorfeld.

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