Nitin Sawhney

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Nitin Sawhney (Britain, 1964), a classically trained musician, composed in the 21st century what 40 years earlier used to be called "new age music": simple, soothing melodic leitmotifs (derivative of so many pop and soul hits) with nods to world music (flamenco, Indian classical music, blues and soul. He debuted with Spirit Dance (1994), which remains his best, followed by a mediocre imitation, Migration (1995), and the slightly better Displacing the Priest (1996), that contains the eight minute Displacing the Priest. Beyond Skin (1999) was the album that established his reputation, but it marked the compromise with sumptuous commercial muzak. Prophesy (2001), recorded in England, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Madrid, India, South Africa and Australia, featured over 200 musicians, an impressive waste of talents. After the even worse Human (2003), Philtre (2005) perfected his commercial style, but London Undersound (2008), one of his worst, Last Days of Meaning (2011) and OneZero (2013) proved how little substance it contained. Dystopian Dream (2015), inspired by the death of his father, was also transposed to the stage. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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