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Timet is the project of Lorenzo Brusci, an Italian sound sculptor who toys with samples of the musical repertory, field recordings and acoustic instruments. The scored parts, that avail themselves of musicians such as trumpet player Mirio Cosottini, who graduated in music (1992) and philosophy (1999), and vocalist Monica Demuru, evoke Canterbury's ethereal jazz-rock and Area's abstract soundscapes.

Their discography include: Cicli di Sintesi (PerBox, 1997), recorded between 1992 and 1995, Quadri di Schermo Vivo (Arti Elettroniche, 1997), a vastly improved work, Colazione con la Pietra (Arti Elettroniche, 1998), perhaps the most adventurous, La Via Negativa (Dischi Forma, 1998), a close second, Shadows (Dischi Forma, 1998), a collaboration between Brusci and actor Andrea Deluca, and Restituzioni (Dischi Forma, 2000), an electronic collage of traditional folk songs.

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