Yasunao Tone
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Japanese multimedia artist Yasunao Tone (1935), founder of the Group Ongaku for art-performance in 1960 and a member of the Fluxus movement since 1962, began by toying with John Cage's indeterminate music and the nascent field of computer music (One Man Show by a Composer, 1962; Theater Piece for Computer, 1966).

Tone relocated to the USA in 1972. His recordings include: Musica Iconologos (Lovely Music, 1993), that translates visual images (Chinese texts) into sounds, Solo for Wounded CD (Tzadik, 1997), a "concrete" collage of damaged discs a` la Milan Knizak (a concept that he had already experimented in Music for Two CD Players in 1982), and Yasunao Tone (Asphodel, 2003), another extreme application of his "damaged disc" techniques (he also learned to use the errors of CD players for generating random sequences of highly unpleasant sounds).

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